AC Milan midfielder was fined 1 games, 3 games, red = last season of the year

AC Milan midfielder was fined 1 after 2 games last season throughout the year = 3 red Niang needs to control the mood sina sports news in the first 2 to 4 lost to Naples in the game, AC Milan created two embarrassing record of League two lost 6 balls, this is Berlusconi in 30 years have not been "achievements" however, two games of the three red card, let the Rossoneri in the league has just begun to catch up for a whole season last season’s red card number. The last round of League the Rossoneri and Naples fought Cidaoxianhong, this also let them pay the price. In the second half of the match Milan AC Shirupozhu equaliser, but then Callejon’s goal and curb the Rossoneri offensive momentum, killing the rise of Kurtz card and other fierce collision, two yellow and one red was ejected, this process Slovakia had a quarrel with the. After the game, Italy sports court announced on Kurtz card suspended for an additional reason is a referee in the match report pointed out that the AC Milan midfielder insulted the referee. Kuczka should feel lucky, this "crime" in accordance with the general situation at least suspended for three games, he will miss the team with Udine J and sampdoria. Another next league AC Milan will be on the main striker Niang, at the final stage of the League because he stopped goalkeeper serve and receive second yellow cards, also led the team lost the last hope of counterattack. This is not the mother of God first in the game suddenly dizzy too excited, if you want to become a star on the road further, he first need to control their emotions. This time, the French striker bought a lesson. Because of the Union and Kurtz card suspended, the next round of the league, Montella may be on the pull and pull the Golden Boot season in Serie B Pardew midfielders Jose Sosa. AC Milan’s top priority is to use the international day of the gap between the reorganization of their fragile defense, the strength is not strong, Udine J to regain their momentum. (LK)相关的主题文章: