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One can help you in the face of anxiety, fear, insecurity – Sohu read this before please click the above blue font "dress collocation diary A" and then click on the "attention", so you can continue to receive free articles. Every day to share. Completely free subscription, please rest assured! Meditation is what someone asks the Buddha: what do you get in your mind? The Buddha replied: I also lost not only nowhere, anger, anxiety, insecurity, and to grow old and the fear of death. Meditation, also known as meditation". This activity seems to be very far away from the lives of ordinary people, in fact, it can not only integrate into your life, but also for your life. Today’s Dictionary of body and mind, let us explore what meditation is. Meditation is not a mystery, even if most people do not have the habit of meditation, but must be in a moment of life, into a state of meditation. For example: when your heart is very calm, quiet moments, when you inspiration, when you are shocked and selfless moments of beauty…… Meditation is simple and easy to master, meditation can help you connect with the body, eliminate restrictions, create reality. Meditation is the easiest way to help you live in the present. The basis of meditation comes from love, and everyone needs love. Love is the source of life and the basis of meditation. If our hearts are neither a Kuji, love in the world, do not love the people around, but do not love yourself, then we all meditation training are meaningless. But there is a good news, that is, although the life away our passion, let us forget the heart had some warmth, but we can still wake it at any time, arouse the feeling of love and strength, and then settled in feeling-a, meditation training. Meditation is not a mystery, it is not difficult to operate, not only the kind of end of the right to sit in meditation is a behavior called meditation". Meditation does not have to be in an accident environment, nor do you have to ask for too much. A beautiful melody of the music, a pleasant landscape, on top of the vast expanse of the sky, banging on the window of the rain, which can cause our meditation. We can use meditation as a relaxed learning method, but in fact, it can also be a help to boost our wisdom, improve the quality of life and achieve useful spiritual awakening. "Only when the mind is very quiet" meditation, learn to breathe from the beginning of our thoughts are always in the past and the future, but our bodies and breathing is always in the present. — "the unknown me" basically, any can let you concentrate, live in the moment, can help you reconnect with the body, so the movement itself is not important, important is the mentality and the situation when you’re doing it. So whether it is running, walking, swimming, Tai Chi, qigong, yoga, as long as you can concentrate on their bodies, these activities can be a meditation. Among them, the best way to connect with the body is meditation. Most simple.相关的主题文章: