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A number of new regulations that implement public security has the right to collect the transfer of information in the circle of friends – Beijing Henan Daily reporter Wang Qi finishing and a wave of new rules to the! Circle of friends, micro-blog and other information may be used as evidence of criminal cases; has not got a driver’s license, subjects two and subjects can learn a piece, a test of the…… October 1st started the implementation of the new regulations, including the Internet, driving test, justice, food security and other fields, and we are closely related, take a look at it. [data] can be used as electronic criminal evidence law, the Supreme People’s Procuratorate, Ministry of public security recently jointly issued "on the handling of criminal cases of collecting electronic data extraction and examination regulations" will be formally implemented in October 1st. According to the regulations, the people’s court, the people’s Procuratorate and the public security organs have the right to the relevant units and individuals collected and obtained the circle of friends, micro-blog information and other electronic data in accordance with the law, the relevant units and individuals shall provide. Henan Daily reporter learned that users do not have to worry about privacy issues. The above data is collected by the criminal case handling organs, the premise of the extraction is that the criminal case has been started, the implementation of the criminal filing procedures, and the relevant search process to be legitimate. [two, three] driving test subjects subjects can be taken together. Recently, the Ministry of transport and the Ministry of Public Security jointly issued "on the issuance of motor vehicle driver training and teaching and examination syllabus of the notice", released a new version of the "teaching and examination of motor vehicle driver training program" (hereinafter referred to as the "Outline"), and from October 1st this year play. The new syllabus, teaching three subjects must be put in place, and three subjects and two subjects of the test sequence can be disrupted, can also be prepared at the same time do not pay any fees in the examination; examination subject qualified students, students subject examinations, and through the registration platform after registration, and then select the class and payment and this was interpreted as "the first post to pay tuition". In the case of divorce cases, the judgment documents are not open to the public and the Supreme People’s Court promulgated the provisions of the people’s Court on the Internet for the judgment documents, which began in October 1st. The most attention, than the provisions of the provisions of the referee does not access the Internet in several cases. The circumstances of the judgment documents not published on the Internet include: five cases involving state secrets; juvenile delinquency; divorce proceedings, or minor child custody and guardianship. The Supreme People’s court trial management office director Li Liang said that the referee instrument has been published on the Internet, the people’s court shall examine the existence of the Internet publication judgment fourth judicial interpretation stipulates that the situation will not be made public, shall promptly withdraw. [] the infant formula misleading propaganda moves to the State Food and Drug Administration issued the "management measures" of infant formula milk powder formula product registration will come into effect on October 1st this year. The new regulations on misleading propaganda behavior "moves", clearly does not allow the use of "imported milk" from "foreign" pasture "ecological pasture" "imported raw materials" fuzzy information; not allowed to express or implied "puzzle, increase in labels and instructions)相关的主题文章: