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A man deceived into MLM village person holding the knife caused 2 Dead 4 injured – Beijing, the original title: Yuncheng man with a knife attack caused 2 Dead 4 injured journalist Feng Huamei on August 21st at 8 o’clock in the morning, Li village in Shanxi Province, Yuncheng City Xiaxian Hu Zhang Township, a village knife attack, caused by a 6 year old boy and a elderly people were hacked to death, another 4 people were injured, including 2 injured children. The villagers said, Zhai Mouhu suspects have been the same village Zhai mouguo et al into MLM organizations, cheated after savings to revenge his family. In the way, and the king of the old man Mouhu Zhai villagers altercation, Bento street. Xiaxian County Propaganda Department responded that the case is still under investigation. Altercation occurred 6 people, according to the villagers, said on the morning of August 21st, the old man will be parked in front of the electric tricycle in front of the door, leading to the front of the road is difficult to open. When he was driving an electric tricycle from his door, he was too fast to hit the old man’s tricycle. The king of the old man said "you ride so fast", two people quarrel. Zhai Mouhu took out a knife from his tricycle, cut off towards the king of the old man, also chopped the king of the old man’s wife, daughter, 1 and a half year old granddaughter, and entered the king of the old man in the home, the sleeping 11 year old granddaughter chopped. Later, dimou our own tricycle away from entering the king old man home more than 100 meters from the dimou state, which is watching TV’s 6 year old son hacked. After returning home Mouhu Zhai king of the old man, the king of the old man and his wife, daughter and two granddaughters to chop it again. Li village Party Secretary Wang Hongzheng said, he heard the shouting out from home, see Zhai Mouhu holding the knife toward the crowd cut. Subsequently, Wang Hongzheng and villagers work together to control Mouhu zhai. Wang Hongzheng said, the villagers control after sending the Mouhu Zhai, sent home and live to see, to prevent their escape. Villagers alarm, but also for the injured called the ambulance. Wang’s wife died on the way to hospital. The king of the old man and the daughter was sent to the Xia County People’s Hospital, two injured children were sent to the Yuncheng Central Hospital of Shanxi province. Two people were killed and injured four king of the old man’s son Wang said, my father is 64 years old this year, the legs are not agile. After cutting, the father of two small arm comminuted fracture, right thumb tendon rupture. Currently, the old man is still in the intensive care unit for treatment. Mr. Wang said, sister left arm bones were cut off, in order to protect the child, back cut 6 knives, not hurt the bones. Mr. Wang’s sister out of the intensive care unit in August 26th, is still not get out of bed. My niece left arm 1 and a half years old were cut off, only the flesh is leg wound. 11 year old niece was cut off the left wrist, left leg knee wounds can see the bones. "The doctor said that the two children will have to undergo a three operation, but also can not get out of bed," said mr.. Mr. Wang said that the sister’s arm function can be completely restored yet uncertain, now most worried about two children, do not know their arms can not be saved, fear of their lives." In August 29th, the village of the township government to coordinate, the king of the old man family 7000 yuan burial, the family is the old man’s wife, for the funeral.相关的主题文章: