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A few details did not pay attention to large trucks on the highway almost rollover November 16th 5 in the morning, a red van in Quzhou, Shaoxing section of Zhuji Road, because the goods inclination due to front wheel stuck, nearly causing rollover. After the high-speed traffic police analysis, the main cause of the accident is the driver did not do a few details in place. Driver Liu Master said, the car is installed on the steel coil, a single weight is great. The freight car moves to the construction diversion mouth turning, because the speed is fast, the steel coil tilts to the front side of the carriage side under the inertial action, the result causes the vehicle front wheel to be stuck by the carriage, cannot move. "It was really breathtaking. I thought the car was going to roll over, and I was in a cold sweat." Due to the benefit of the site, the accident immediately caused road congestion, and the vehicles running along the same direction could only travel slowly from one lane. After high-speed traffic police and rescue units to rescue, the road returned to normal after an hour. After the incident, the high-speed traffic police also analyzed the incident, resulting in two main reasons for the tilt of the goods, one is heavy load of movable goods, the driver did not use rope fixed, leading to the goods forward, two is in the diversion at the bend speed too fast.

几个细节没注意 大货车高速公路上差点侧翻 11月16日清晨5点,一辆红色货车在杭金衢高速绍兴诸暨段变道处,因货物倾斜导致前轮卡死,险些造成侧翻。事后高速交警分析,造成事故的原因主要是司机有几个细节没有做到位。司机刘师傅介说,车上装在的是钢卷,单个重量很大。货车行驶到施工改道口转弯,由于车速较快,钢卷在惯性作用下往车厢前方一侧倾斜,结果导致车辆前轮被车厢卡死无法移动。“当时真的很惊险,我以为车辆要侧翻了,惊出了一身冷汗。”由于事发地刚好处在施工改道口,这起事故立刻造成了道路拥堵,同向行驶的车辆只能从一个车道缓慢通行。经过高速交警和施救单位的全力施救,一个小时后道路恢复正常通行。 事后高速交警也对此次事件进行了分析,造成货物倾斜的原因主要有两点,一是装载重型可移动货物时,司机没有用绳索固定,导致货物前移,二是在改道处过弯时速度过快。相关的主题文章: