A Facebook Marketing Strategy That Wont Make You A Spammer-lightscape

Home-Based-Business Many internet marketers are now using Facebook in preference to MySpace. The fact that Facebook has over 200 million users now from across the globe makes it a very appealing platform to market on. Thousands of marketers are using Facebook for their marketing purposes but most are amateurish spammers. I’m sure you have experienced for yourself the droves of constant emails pitching biz ops and various other affiliate products, sometimes it’s difficult to get away from it (depending on who is on your friend list), sometimes I don’t even bother reading my emails in Facebook and just delete them. Is it possible to use Facebook as a marketing tool? For sure it is, we just need to learn to do it correctly. We must remember that it’s all about socialising online and therefore our main use for it is to formulate relationships with folks. There is a right time for revealing our business to people and it should happen in the natural path of relationship building. Following are 6 simple methods to start using FB to grow your online business, 1) Set up your Facebook profile so that it is interesting and personal to you, don’t just fill it with information about your business but include as much personal information as possible, have lots of photos of your friends & family and you having a good time. The purpose of your profile is to let the world know about YOU, not just your opportunity 2) You need to add some friends, choose people who you feel would benefit from what you have to offer, you can easily search for relevant groups on Facebook. Be intelligent about it and find groups other than the ‘online business’ crowd. 3) Start searching for groups to join in your niche market. Most group owners will allow you to post on the wall so you could post some useful information to the wall. Personally I post a lot of my videos to the wall so that people can actually learn and get value from my material, it works great to increase my presence online as an expert. 4) You can make your own groups. You can invite your friends to join or you can even use Facebook’s paid advertising system to get new members. It is very similar to building a list. 5) You can also post your videos and articles to your own wall and also to the walls of your friends. This is a fantastic way for more people to see your stuff, all your friends friends will see your content so it could quickly go viral. Remember, always offer value! Your friends will most probably just delete you if you spam their walls. 6) Produce a ‘friend welcome’ video that new friends will view. This is not used very often at all on Facebook and yet it really is effective and folks love it. Used properly a Facebook marketing strategy can be VERY effective and can generate highly qualified leads to your websites and sales-funnel. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: