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UnCategorized Residential wind power is a topic on many peoples’ minds today, especially given the renewed interest in green technology that has taken place over the past few years. A person can cut down on monthly electricity bills while simultaneously helping out the environment by installing a wind turbine on his or her property. When considering whether or not to install a wind turbine, a person has to plan ahead and determine if it is the right choice for him or her. To begin, a location needs to be found for the wind turbine on the person’s property. The space chosen should be a free and open area, away from roofs, trees, and more. With this said, an open back yard is an excellent place for the turbine. Next, the individual who wishes to install the turbine needs to make sure that there is vertical space around it. With this said, there should not be anything above it, including power lines. As the higher the turbine is the more wind it will get, it is ideal to put it in a place where there will be as much exposure to the wind as possible. At this point, a person needs to plan on how the wind power will be used. There are two options available, and they are using either a direct line or a battery bank. Each of these areas will be discussed in detail below. When a battery bank is used, power is stored inside of batteries. Appliances can be run from the battery bank through the use of an inverter. With a direct line, on the other hand, the wind turbine’s power will run into the same power supply as that of his or her home, in the same manner as it does through the power .pany. There is an added advantage to using the direct line method, and it is that any extra power generated by the wind turbine will flow right back to the power .pany. The .pany in turn will .pensate the homeowner for this extra energy. Nonetheless, a very large turbine is needed in order for this to even take place. A person next needs to think about the amount of power that he or she wishes to generate through the use of a residential wind turbine. In order to do this, it is best to check out how much electricity that he or she uses each month by looking at past energy bills. On average, most families tend to use approximately one thousand kilowatt hours or KWH, or energy each month. An average wind turbine can produce about five hundred watt hours of power. This would cover about ten percent of each family’s energy bill. This of course depends on how windy their homes are. Multiple wind turbines can be installed to produce more energy. For those seeking additional information, the Internet is an excellent resource on wind power technology. The main search engines can direct people to many solid resources on this increasingly popular topic. In conclusion, residential wind power is gaining in popularity as people seek to install more green, renewable technologies in their own homes. Installing a wind turbine takes a lot of planning ahead. One of the main considerations is whether battery power or a direct line will be used to power the turbine. There is the advantage of being .pensated for extra energy created by using the direct line method. The Inter. is a great source of information for people considering the installation of a wind turbine or more in their own homes. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: