A boy Changsha 10 floor fall dead parents entrust bestie at home to take care of (video)-w-inds.

A boy Changsha 10 floor fall dead parents not at home to look after the principal bestie [Abstract] Changsha is a 7 year old boy from the 10 floor fall dead, sweating blood. Allegedly, the child’s parents back home, give the child to take care of bestie > > original title: Changsha a boy accidentally fall dead parents not at home to take care of a Changsha bestie principal boy accidentally fell to his death in late November 8th, a boy near Changsha Furong square fall dead, parents are not at home. The boy accidentally fell off the 10 floor window. Red Net News Changsha November 8th at 6:35 in the afternoon, Changsha Furong square near the Manhattan Company Building, a boy from the 10 floor fall death. Nearby residents said the mother of the child to take care of the bestie, regret is bestie nor in children. Manhattan Company Building is a commercial and residential buildings, the highest 22 floors. Zhou Chiyao people in the building to work, Ms. Zhou said, when it came to work on the first floor, suddenly heard a child fell down. I said a week pool, muffled boy fell to the ground, head is full of blood. Because it was raining, the property company’s security will be the boy into the building, another crowd of female citizens with a scarf covering. At 8:50 in the evening, when reporters rushed to find that the police are entering the hall, the boy’s body on the car, away from the building. The boy falls place in the southwest of the building corner, fell in a private car on the ground. "There was a woman passing by, and she was shocked." The building, a security said. The boy falls after parents has not appeared, the staff and the police only by knocking investigation, only locked in a club on the 10 floor of skin management. Property staff to check the club’s telephone number, contact the boy’s parents. "Children do homework at home, parents back home in Loudi, gave (mother) bestie in care." Nearby residents Mr. Huang said, after the incident, a woman crying from the outside back to the mansion, "should be the child’s mother bestie." Huang said the 120 ambulance arrived in the building within a few minutes, but the child has died, the age of 7. At present, the specific cause is under investigation. (net time news reporter Liu Songhui Wu Sijing correspondent)相关的主题文章: