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76 boss told Noel: play hard you will be rewarded a team of NBA film 76: young Philadelphia partners look forward to revive the glory of infinite Tencent September 28th hearing of the new sports season, the Philadelphia team has 76 people, Okafor Hornby, Noel de three big center, in the eyes of many people, the three players are difficult to coexist. Media day, Noel publicly expressed dissatisfaction with the team, the team believes that the offseason has not changed, it is not good for anyone, but for Noel said, today Philadelphia coach Brent Brown responded. 76 people responded to Noel Don Bede, Noel, coach Okafor, the new season Philadelphia team of 76 people inside the talent overflow, obviously, a team with three first level center, this is not what good, not long before, Noel publicly expressed their dissatisfaction. "Now the situation is that we have three centers, I think this is stupid," in 76 of the media day, Noel said. "With the departure of former general manager Sam – -, I thought that the management will have a as in the summer, I think some things really need to happen." "I think it must be resolved," said Noel. "I think you have three starters and a team, it’s not good for anyone. This is my opinion, I am not for whom, but it really needs to be resolved." Next summer, Noel will have the opportunity to enter the free market, he would want to be able to get more playing time, to show myself. In 76 Noel said, coach Brown today also responded, Brown wants to focus on Noel field, then he will be rewarded. "Personally, I don’t care whether he hit the jumper in the following days, I mean, it’s not his advantage," said Brown. "Noel has a leading talent, in my players, he has a very good athletic ability, running ability, even compared with other big league." "Noel need to do their work, we will certainly help him," Brown said. "He will get the return of the league, the 76 team will give him back, if he plays like that, he will be rewarded." In the United States Basketball correspondent Dan – Feldman, Brown’s statement is correct. Noel wants to earn more money, the best way is to use the strength to prove. That means Noel need to play good defense, protect the basket, make up the defenders the defensive vacancies on the offensive end, he also actively grasp. If the new season before the start of the final 76 will be one of noel or Okafor away, Noel may get the early renewal opportunity, if there is no contract next summer, he will become a restricted free agent. (see) Disclaimer: This article Tencent sports exclusive articles, without authorization, shall not be reproduced, otherwise it will pursue legal responsibilities.相关的主题文章: