74 year old man was sent to the nursing home in Tianjin for the past 5 months suddenly died-ca4111

The 74 year old Tianjin man was sent to nursing homes 5 months suddenly died at the age of 74 in a hole because the father suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and more serious illness, son and daughter-in-law will choose helpless old man admitted to nursing homes, they deliberately chose a large scale, looks quite regular in Hebei District Zhicheng home, did not think the old man lived in just over 5 months left, and during the 5 months, the elderly continue to get sick, and out of the hospital. Leaves said that her father-in-law has been suffering from Alzheimer’s disease for many years, from the end of last year, the elderly gradually developed into a life can not take care of themselves, at home will be urinating everywhere. Leaves and Mr. day sooner or later each go to the public public, clean sanitation, clean up the room. The leaves of the husband is the only child, the burden of caring for the elderly are falling on their couple, although very hard, but they insist on. With the deterioration of the condition, the old man’s ability to act also began to influence, he often wrestling, also often bump, sometimes knock orbital green, sometimes corners kepo, "my husband at work, from time to time will receive my mother’s phone, said my father-in-law fell again, even lying in bed to fall down, received such a call, I have to put down the work of Mr. ran home." Said leaves. The leaves of the mother can not afford to take care of his wife, she also appeared symptoms of cerebellar atrophy, can only do self-care. In order to prevent the old man accidentally leaves and Mr decided to discuss the elderly into nursing homes, ordinarily can please nanny to home care, but we feel that homes should be formal." In the comparison of the 10 nursing homes, they finally chose Hebei District Zhicheng nursing homes, "at the time that the environment of the nursing home, a large area, there are several buildings, with their doctors, have their own yard, the elderly can bask in the yard, also had a lot of small animals in a word, looks very formal. And close to home, convenient for us to work every day to see the elderly." Said leaves. In the agreement, according to the old man to the hospital when health care level for "care", the monthly cost of 3100 yuan. The old man’s daughter leaves (a pseudonym) believes that nursing care homes is a problem, or not frequently ill, quickly father-in-law died, but the question of the families of the elderly are denied, that the management of the nursing homes is normal, there is no evidence that, the old man’s death related to nursing homes. Leaves said, after his father died, her husband has been very self blame, he thought it was his choice to kill his father. In the nursing home for more than 5 months of time, the elderly frequently sick, out of the hospital, and finally died. In early May, the leaves and the husband will be sent to the nursing home, just 2 weeks later, the elderly suffering from pneumonia. "We thought the old man is not adapt to the new environment, did not think, rushed to the hospital for the elderly, in the hospital, we found the old man who had bedsore. Before entering the nursing routine medical examination, was certainly not the bedsore." Said leaves. Discharge records show that the elderly bilateral hip visible 7cm*7cm, 8cm*9cm pressure ulcers, right hip visible 3cm*3cm,.相关的主题文章: