7 days long holiday, Fuzhou attracts nearly 1 billion 500 million gold, receiving more than 2 millio-ajviewer

The 7 day holiday in Fuzhou attract nearly 1 billion 500 million tourists over 2 million 540 thousand passengers daily in Fuzhou (micro-blog) October 8th news (reporter Qi Zhenghua) 7 day National Day golden week, Fuzhou 2 million 546 thousand and 300 passengers were tourists, an increase of 15.94%, tourism revenue 1 billion 471 million yuan, an increase of 18.97%. This reporter learned from the Municipal Tourism Bureau yesterday. Among them, receiving overnight tourists income of 821 million yuan, an increase of 12%; reception of domestic one-day tour income of 650 million yuan, an increase of 29.11%. During the golden week, the per capita cost of tourists is 577.66 yuan, of which the average number of stay per night is 1.81 days, the per capita ceiling fee is 1230 yuan, and the per day tourists spend 299 yuan per person. The 4 scenic spots monitored by Fuzhou have received 1 million 716 thousand and 500 visitors, which were reduced by 3.3% compared with the same period, and the ticket revenue was 130 million yuan. Among them, seven lane, three lane, Fuzhou Gushan Scenic Area of Forest Park, Yongtai Qingyun Mountain scenic area respectively received 824 thousand and 500 passengers, 373 thousand passengers, 125 thousand passengers and 394 thousand passengers. During the National Day holiday, the city’s tourism market order is generally good, no tourism safety incidents. Fuzhou Tourism Quality Supervision Institute received a total of 7 complaints from tourism, and accepted 7 cases. As of October 7th, 6 have been processed and 1 are being processed. After statistics, 7 complaints, 4 complaints travel agencies, accounting for 58% of complaints; 3 complaints spots, accounting for 42% of complaints. (Fuzhou daily (micro-blog)) >

7天长假福州吸金近15亿 接待游客逾254万人次福州日报(微博)10月8日讯(记者 祁正华) 国庆黄金周7天,福州共接待游客254.63万人次,比增15.94%,实现旅游收入14.71亿元,同比增长18.97%。这是记者昨日从市旅游局获悉的。其中,接待过夜游客收入8.21亿元,同比增长12.00%;接待国内一日游游客收入6.50亿元,同比增长29.11%。黄金周期间,游客人均花费为577.66元,其中过夜游客人均住宿天数为1.81天,人均天花费1230元;一日游游客人均花费299元。福州市重点监测的4个景区点共接待游客171.65万人次,因受台风影响,同比下降3.3%,实现门票收入1.30亿元。其中,三坊七巷、鼓山风景区、福州森林公园、永泰青云山景区分别接待82.45万人次、37.30万人次、12.50万人次和39.40万人次。国庆假日期间,全市旅游市场秩序总体良好,未发生旅游安全事故。福州市旅游质监所共接到旅游投诉7起,受理7起。截至10月7日,已处理结束6起,正在处理1起。经统计,7起投诉件中,4起投诉旅行社,占投诉量的58%;3起投诉景点,占投诉量的42%。(福州日报(微博))>相关的主题文章: