Five Home Security Tips For College Students Home For The Summer-下北glory days

Home-Securtiy That adjustment from living on one’s own to being back at one’s parent’s house can be tough for anyone who has tasted the freedom of freshman year. And if the students themselves think it is a bit difficult to .e back to home base for a few months, well it’s the parents who are really doing the adjusting. Going from being in a situation where the house was not currently home to an in-transition 18 or 19 year-old to having one sulking around for a couple of months and wondering why there are rules in effect can be a sobering experience for moms and dads who have missed their children while away at college. But fortunately, open .munication and being firm on a few fronts can make the entire experience a whole lot more enjoyable for all family members. For college students who are home for the summer and their parents, where are five important home security tips. Do not let the clashing of identities lead to a disregard for the living space or rash errors, as that can be quite the bummer. #1 – Be clear about the house rules and about obligations. If an nearly-adult child is home for the summer and is hanging out at the house, make it clear that it is important to look for a job. If a child is out partying too often and forgetting to do things like set the home alarm system before leaving for the evening, make it clear exactly why that is something important to be following through on. There are rules in place for a reason, and it just makes a whole lot more sense to be thorough when explaining them to an nearly-grown child who is back in the house. #2 – Avoid the chance for parties. It will stress parents out to know that there is the potential for trouble, breaches in home security, and a general mess if they go away for the weekend, so it’s important to keep those opportunities to a minimum, if the college student in question is prone to that kind of behavior. #3 – Consider sensors for the liquor cabinet if college students in question are problem children. This might not sound like a very fun thing for adults to be in charge of, but the fact of the matter is that many home alarm systems make it possible to figure out if someone is meddling with a particular object, so it only makes sense to go ahead and to be proactive to avoid that kind of trouble. #4 – Try open .munication. It’s pretty impressive how effective this little-used tactic can be, for all parties involved. For parents who are a bit anxious about reverting to the role of being in charge, it’s a nice way to make clear the opportunities for independence and the obligations and needs in behavior that are expected. #5 – Be serious about drinking and driving. This is no joke, and it’s a matter of home security that extends beyond the house. So it’s important to be thinking about when it .es to those who might have gotten into the habit of going out on weekends but then not actually having to drive home. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: