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Reference-and-Education If you are looking into getting your Texas teacher certification you came to the right place, here you can find all of the information you need in order to get your Texas teacher certification. It is important to note that the certification requirements change from state to state so if you are planning on moving from Texas or not staying there for long you may want to look into the different levels of certification you may need to teach in other states as well. These certification levels not only are different depending what state you are in, but it also depends what subject you are looking to teach as well as the age group you are teaching. For instance you will need a different level of certification to teach 11th grade history than 2nd grade math. This is because the different age groups present completely different levels of teaching and different approaches; obviously you will teach a 7 year old child differently than you would teach a 15 year old teenager. In order to get your Texas teacher certification you have to either go to college for teaching, there are a few different concentrations for teaching that you can go to college for the first is Elementary Education which is for very young children who are in pre-school through grade 5. Another type of education is Secondary Education; with this type of education you will be teaching children and teenagers from 6th-12th grade. There are also other types of education another very popular one is Special Education, with a Special Education degree you are able to teach children who have various learning disabilities whether it is within a traditional elementary or high school or if it is its own school. One of the huge benefits of getting your Texas teacher certification is the amount of vacation time you get every year, this is one of the reasons so many people are drawn to teaching. The vacation time is more than 15 weeks a year, which is much more than most professionals get every year. There are two primary tests that you have to take in order to become a certified teacher in Texas. One of the tests that you have to take is the THEA which stands for Texas Higher Education Assessment and the other one is ExCET which is the Exam for the Certification of Educators in Texas. Both of these exams are essential to you successfully getting your Texas teacher certification, not only will these exams test your knowledge but they will also help you see the areas in which you have to work on in order to be a better teacher. About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: