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Hardware Sales of compatible and remanufactured ink cartridges are overtaking original brands cartridges in Ireland with more and more brands becoming available through 3rd Party manufacturers. The compatible ink cartridge industry has grown vastly in the last 2 years with sales of compatible ink and toner at an all time high. One reason for this is now the willingness for suppliers to stand over the printer as well as the ink they sell. In short, if the ink or toner causes a problem for your printer some of the more reputable suppliers are guaranteeing the printer as well as the ink. This shows the progress made by the manufacturers of compatible ink cartridges and their obligation to matching the ISO standards of the original brand ink. As well as sales of ink cartridges increasing, the sale of compatible laser toner is also on the increase. More and more businesses are making the switch to compatible or remanufactured toners in an effort to reduce printing costs. An average sized small business will now print their own letterheads, leaflets and labels whereas in the past they would have used the services of a commercial printer. With the low cost compatible toner available, its at last within their budget to print their own. There are now savings estimated at around 40% 50% using third party toners as an alternative to the originals and they will very rarely give any problems. This represents massive savings for any business within any trading year of a small business and should be considered when trying to find ways to reduce overall running costs. Good quality suppliers of ink cartridges will guarantee the printer as well as the toner ink and stand over any repairs that are needed as a direct result of any problems caused by their toners. This is less likely to be a problem with inkjet cartridges as the ink will either work in the printer or it wont. The viability of using original brand printer ink cartridges is now becoming unaffordable with rumours of some of the larger original brand suppliers introducing their own version of a compatible cartridge. This is somewhat a contradiction in terms as it will be basically the same cartridge as the original brand cartridge except at a lower cost. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: