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Music Kiss is scheduled to travel to more than 40 American cities for the Kiss Alive 35 North American Tour from September all the way to December. Like before, the all-male rock group will appear before the audience in their patented makeup and matching costumes. The songs theyll sing in this concert will be predominantly .posed of their greatest hits. They are also set to perform some of the cuts that are included in their new album, Sonic Boom. The show will last for two hours and will make the audience nostalgic of this prominent 1970s band. And just like it were in the 1970s, viewers can expect bigger and better pyrotechnics and pyro-arsenals to .e into fore. The new stage is set and a better battle gear is in place. It will be a fiery, ferocious, and death-defying night of songs and entertainment, the Kiss style. The Alive 35 concert is a product of Kiss 35 years in the rock entertainment world. Kiss is an all-American metal rock band which was formed in New York in the 1970s. Kiss was very popular during that decade because they were the only group who performs with unconventional concert acts which include intense face make-ups and pyrotechnics. Also parts of their live shows are fire breathing and blood spitting. Gene Simmons plays the bass guitar. Paul Stanley does the rhythm guitar. Peter Criss plays the drums and Ace Frehley is on the lead guitar. All of the members of the group sings and add to the vocals. Aside from the members unusual makeup, they also wear elaborate costumes to go along with it. Each member assumes the same persona in their performances. Simmons was The Demon, Staley is The Starchild, Criss plays The Catman, and Frehley is The Spaceman. Their makeup is always the same, with their faces white and their symbols painted on their faces. It was Simmons and Stanley who founded the group. At first, they were the Wicked Lester and they were only a duo. However, this group didnt achieve much success as they hoped for. One day, they saw Crisss advertisement in Rolling Stone. Being a veteran drummer, he was invited to audition for Wicked Lester. He got in and Wicked Lester became a trio. Soon after, the group met with Frehley when two of his friends ac.panied him to the auditions. Frehleys eccentricity impressed the group and it became his ticket to get in. During the auditions, Frehley wore sneakers that dont match – one red and the other is orange. When Frehley officially joined the group, the name Wicked Lester was changed into Kiss. Kiss was able to create a total of 19 studio albums and 8 live albums. There were also 18 .pilation albums created under their name. From these, Kiss was able to produce 24 gold albums and had sold more than 19 million copies in the United States alone. Worldwide, they were able to sell over the 80 million mark. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: