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From December 1st through the personal ATM to transfer the 24 hours after the arrival in November six departments jointly combat telecommunications fraud network telecommunications fraud before the staff refused to surrender will be severely punished by the end of the phone real name real name registration rate of 100% is not all down according to Xinhua news agency, the Supreme People’s court, the Supreme People’s Procuratorate, Ministry of public security, industrial the Ministry of information, the people’s Bank, Chinese Chinese Banking Regulatory Commission and other six departments jointly issued 23 "on the prevention and combating of telecommunications network fraud notice", which made it clear that the telecom enterprises should ensure that before the end of October 2016 all the phone real name rate reached 96%, before the end of the year to reach 100%. If the registration of real identity information is not completed within the stipulated time, all of them shall be shut down. According to this notice, since December 1, 2016, individuals transferred to non similar accounts through bank self-service teller machines, and the funds arrived 24 hours later. The circular pointed out that telecommunications network fraud crime is a serious social pollution that seriously affects the legitimate rights and interests of the people, undermines social harmony and stability, and must resolutely punish severely. All those who commit crimes committed by telecommunication network must stop all illegal activities immediately. Upon notice from the date to October 31, 2016, voluntarily surrender, truthfully confessed his crimes, given a lighter or mitigated punishment stipulated within this refused to surrender, will be severely punished according to law. Notification requirements, the public security organs should take the initiative to the telecommunications network fraud cases as a criminal case in accordance with the law, focused on the detection of a number of cases, destroyed a number of criminal gangs, regulation of a number of key areas, and resolutely pulled out a number of regional occupation of telecommunications network fraud "nails". Public security organs, people’s procuratorates and people’s courts should promptly detect, capture, fast sue, fast trial and quick judgment according to law, and resolutely curb the development and spread of telecommunications fraud. Telecom enterprises should strictly implement the true identity of the phone user information registration system, should immediately carry out a card card users to clean up, to the same user for use in the same basic telecommunications enterprises or the same mobile resale business telephone card reached 5, the enterprise shall open a new phone card for its. To take measures to block the number changing software release, online search, communication, sales channels, strictly regulate the international communication business and calling number delivery port, increase the network and the network between false calling discovery and blocking efforts on the illegal operation of Internet phone business will be banned in accordance with the law, the illegal operation of agents at all levels shall be ordered to make rectification. Overdue reform by the relevant departments shall revoke the license, and seriously investigated the civil and administrative responsibility. All commercial banks should pay more attention to the liquidation of debit cards and strictly implement the principle that no debit card should be issued by the same customer in the same commercial bank for more than 4 cards. No unit or individual may lease, lend or sell bank account (card) and payment account. If a crime is constituted, criminal liability shall be investigated in accordance with the law. At the same time, the notice also suggests that no unit or individual unlawfully obtains, illegally sells or illegally provides citizens’ personal information to others. Crack down on illegal and criminal acts of disclosing, buying and selling personal information, and resolutely crack down on them. The release of trafficking information, software, trojan virus on the Internet should be timely accounts

12月1日起个人通过ATM向他人转账 将24小时后到账六部门联手打击电信网络诈骗11月前电信诈骗人员拒不投案自首的将从严惩处年底前电话实名率达到100%未实名登记一律停机据新华社电 最高人民法院、最高人民检察院、公安部、工业和信息化部、中国人民银行、中国银行业监督管理委员会等六部门23日联合发布《关于防范和打击电信网络诈骗犯罪的通告》,其中明确提出,电信企业要确保到2016年10月底前全部电话实名率达到96%,年底前达到100%。在规定时间内未完成真实身份信息登记的,一律予以停机。根据这份通告,自2016年12月1日起,个人通过银行自助柜员机向非同名账户转账的,资金24小时后到账。通告指出,电信网络诈骗犯罪是严重影响人民群众合法权益、破坏社会和谐稳定的社会公害,必须坚决依法严惩。凡是实施电信网络诈骗犯罪的人员,必须立即停止一切违法犯罪活动。自通告发布之日起至2016年10月31日,主动投案、如实供述自己罪行的,依法从轻或者减轻处罚,在此规定期限内拒不投案自首的,将依法从严惩处。通告要求,公安机关要主动出击,将电信网络诈骗案件依法立为刑事案件,集中侦破一批案件、打掉一批犯罪团伙、整治一批重点地区,坚决拔掉一批地域性职业电信网络诈骗犯罪“钉子”。公安机关、人民检察院、人民法院要依法快侦、快捕、快诉、快审、快判,坚决遏制电信网络诈骗犯罪发展蔓延势头。电信企业要严格落实电话用户真实身份信息登记制度,要立即开展一证多卡用户的清理,对同一用户在同一家基础电信企业或同一移动转售企业办理有效使用的电话卡达到5张的,该企业不得为其开办新的电话卡。要采取措施阻断改号软件网上发布、搜索、传播、销售渠道,严格规范国际通信业务出入口局主叫号码传送,加大网内和网间虚假主叫发现与拦截力度,对违规经营的网络电话业务一律依法予以取缔,对违规经营的各级代理商责令限期整改,逾期不改的一律由相关部门吊销执照,并严肃追究民事、行政责任。各商业银行要抓紧完成借记卡存量清理工作,严格落实“同一客户在同一商业银行开立借记卡原则上不得超过4张”等规定。任何单位和个人不得出租、出借、出售银行账户(卡)和支付账户,构成犯罪的依法追究刑事责任。通告同时提出,严禁任何单位和个人非法获取、非法出售、非法向他人提供公民个人信息。对泄露、买卖个人信息的违法犯罪行为,坚决依法打击。对互联网上发布的贩卖信息、软件、木马病毒等要及时监控、封堵、删除,对相关网站和网络账号要依法关停,构成犯罪的依法追究刑事责任。通告强调,电信企业、银行、支付机构和银联,要切实履行主体责任,对责任落实不到位导致被不法分子用于实施电信网络诈骗犯罪的,要依法追究责任。各级行业主管部门要落实监管责任,对监管不到位的,要严肃问责。编者注:该视频与原文无关,仅供扩展阅读 警惕电话诈骗:银行保安制“神器” 及时阻止诈骗转账相关的主题文章: