The State Council approved the 13th Five-Year planning the revitalization of the Northeast-乃々果花

The State Council approved the "13th Five-Year" planning the revitalization of the Northeast 7 news, the State Council has recently approved the "13th Five-Year" planning the revitalization of the northeast. According to the "State Council on the revitalization of the northeast" 13th Five-Year "planning approval", "the revitalization of Northeast China agreed in principle to the" 13th Five-Year "plan". The implementation of the "planning" to improve the quality and efficiency of development as the center, to the supply side structural reform, efforts to improve the institutional mechanisms to promote structural adjustment, efforts to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship, to ensure and improve people’s livelihood, work together to promote industrialization, informatization, urbanization and agricultural modernization, local conditions, measures and weaknesses in short, G Yangchangbuduan, effectively enhance the vitality and development of the old industrial base of the internal power and overall competitiveness, strive for a higher quality, better efficiency, better structure, full advantage of new road development release, building a well-off society and the national synchronized. Liaoning Province, Jilin Province, Heilongjiang province and the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region people’s government to deepen the overall revitalization of northeast old industrial base the importance and urgency of understanding, enhance political awareness, overall awareness, awareness, awareness of the core line, the "planning" to determine the major projects, major projects, major policies and important reform tasks and local economic society development closely together, improve the mechanism to promote, strengthen policy support, decomposition of the implementation of the work, to ensure that the "plan" put forward the objectives and tasks completed on schedule.

国务院批复同意东北振兴“十三五”规划   中国政府网7日消息,国务院已于近日批复同意东北振兴“十三五”规划。   根据《国务院关于东北振兴“十三五”规划的批复》,原则同意《东北振兴“十三五”规划》。《规划》实施要以提高发展质量和效益为中心,以供给侧结构性改革为主线,着力完善体制机制,着力推进结构调整,着力鼓励创新创业,着力保障和改善民生,协同推进新型工业化、信息化、城镇化和农业现代化,因地制宜、分类施策,扬长避短、扬长克短、扬长补短,有效提升老工业基地的发展活力、内生动力和整体竞争力,努力走出一条质量更高、效益更好、结构更优、优势充分释放的振兴发展新路,与全国同步全面建成小康社会。   辽宁省、吉林省、黑龙江省和内蒙古自治区人民政府要深化对全面振兴东北老工业基地重要性、紧迫性的认识,增强政治意识、大局意识、核心意识、看齐意识,将《规划》确定的重大工程、重大项目、重大政策、重要改革任务与本地区经济社会发展紧密衔接起来,完善推进机制,强化政策保障,分解落实各项工作,确保《规划》提出的目标任务如期完成。相关的主题文章: