See the world seven year old practice shifty fear the unmanned (video)-特命战队go busters

See the world: seven year old practice "shifty" fear no one following the original title: Beijing seventy elderly practice "shifty work" fear no following 50 years, Li Liangui has been practicing kung fu folk Wushi China, at the age of 70 he challenged the "shrinking method", "off the bone", to put off the body joint, ligament, meridians, muscles, have made any moving parts, stretching, pulling the hips, bone, stretch tendons, bones off, but also can bring their own weight and considerable weight, its difficulty as can be imagined. In June 30th, Li Liangui practiced shrinking bones in the park. Kim Kyung-Hoon (from Tencent pictures) Li Liangui is an old man and a little thin, keep long beard, traveled around the world for Kung Fu, was a Arabia United Arab Emirates members of the royal family show, also appeared in the domestic TV screen. But his propaganda was not as successful as he hoped. Li Liangui is walking on the street. He’s going to the park to practice Kung fu. (from Tencent pictures) Li Liangui told reporters: "once I leave the world, this stunt will be lost, there will be no other people to practice this skill, it is really a great pity, but also a loss.". We carry these skills forward, and publicize it abroad, although flowers are blooming in the wall, the fragrance can only smell outside." The picture shows Li Liangui’s "shrinking bone" at home, and the space that his head passes through two hands. (from: Tencent pictures) there are hundreds of different fighting styles that are categorized into Kung Fu. After the Bruce Lee series, Kung Fu is popular all over the world. "Shrinking bone work" is considered to be a kind of martial arts, called "the use of internal strength, the bones overlap."". Training is a day sooner or later to open shop cotton pad for uninhabited land, and bent down, cross legged and other soft skill practice, so that the body’s muscles and joints to soft as cotton. According to the analysis, "contraction of bone work" depends mainly on the flexibility of the joint, ligament extension and contraction of the muscle layer, not really make the bones bend and shrink. The picture shows Li Liangui’s work of shrinking bones in the park". (from Tencent pictures) video recommendation: lost Juexue seventy master shifty leave no successor, decryption function!

看天下:七旬老人练“缩骨功” 恐后继无人 原标题:北京七旬老人练“缩骨功” 恐后继无人50年来,民间武师李连贵一直练习中国功夫,70岁的他练成了“缩骨法”、“脱骨功”,要把全身的关节、韧带、经络、肌肉,都打造成可任意活动的零件,压腿、拉胯、开骨、抻筋,骨头脱了位,还要能提起和自己体重相当的重物,其难度可想而知。图为6月30日,李连贵在公园练习缩骨功。Kim Kyung-Hoon (来自:腾讯图片)李连贵是个精瘦的小个老头,留着细长的胡须,周游世界宣传功夫,曾为阿拉伯联合酋长国皇室家族成员表演,也出现在国内电视荧幕中。但是他的宣传并没有像他所希望的那样成功。图为李连贵走在大街上,他正前往公园练习功夫。 (来自:腾讯图片)李连贵告诉记者:“我一旦离开人世,这项绝技便会失传,不会有其他人练习这项技能,这真的是莫大的遗憾,也是一个损失。我们带着这些技能前行,把它宣传到国外,花虽在墙内盛开,香气却只能在外边闻到。”图为李连贵在家中展示“缩骨功”,头穿过两只手形成的空间。 (来自:腾讯图片)有数百种不同的战斗风格归类于功夫,在李小龙系列电影之后,功夫便在全球风靡开来。“缩骨功”被认为是武术中的一种,称“运用内功将骨骼收拢重叠”。练法是每日早晚到空旷无人之地,铺上棉垫作盘腿、下腰、屈身等各种柔功修炼,使全身的筋骨关节达到柔软如棉。据分析,“缩骨功”实际主要靠的是关节的灵活性、韧带的延展性以及肌肉层的收缩,并非真的让骨头弯曲收缩。图为李连贵在公园展示“缩骨功”。 (来自:腾讯图片)视频推荐: 失传绝学后继无人,七旬大师解密缩骨功!相关的主题文章: