Miserable! Bayern’s first aid is the first battle of brain concussion, pharmaceutical companies fear-tda7294

Miserable! Bayern’s new aid training that concussion war factory fear missed the first show – Sports Sohu   local time on Monday, in the winter before the transfer window closes, Bayern rushed from Spartak Moscow signing Germany international TA, the Bundesliga BANBA to the price of 2 million 500 thousand euros on loan to alleviate the Germans for half a year, the season tide defender injury serious. Unfortunately, only one club Tasci was injured, whether the weekend is unknown to complete the first match with Leverkusen xiushang. It is reported that the local time in Wednesday’s training, the first team to participate in training courses in a collision Tasci, unfortunately hit the head, after examination, Tasci appeared concussion. Samer, the club’s sports director, also confirmed the news, "he was hit by the head and had a slight concussion, which seemed a bit unlucky."." According to the Spanish "Aspen" disclosure, Tasci will be in the next two to three days in the absence of the training team, and whether the recovery is still not clear in this weekend’s game against Leverkusen. For now Bayern, after four to play halfback players: Harvey, Martinez, Benatia and Bud Skei Tubl Boateng, only a bard people can go into battle, the new aid has just joined the team on the injury list for Guardiola really can only have a headache. In addition, Martinez, who suffered an old wound two days ago, went to Barcelona, Spain on Tuesday to complete his knee injury check. Bayern officials have announced that the Spanish international will be sidelined for about four weeks. And the main defender Boateng, according to the media said, will be missed for three months long. (adios) 悲催!拜仁新援首训即脑震荡 战药厂恐无缘首秀-搜狐体育     当地时间本周一,就在冬季转会窗关闭前,拜仁火速从莫斯科斯巴达克签下德国国脚塔什彻,德甲班霸以250万欧元的价格租借德国人半年,以缓解本赛季严重的中卫伤潮。然而不幸的是,始一加盟球队的塔什彻就受伤了,周末能否在同勒沃库森的比赛中完成首秀尚是未知数。   据悉,在当地时间周三的训练中,第一次参加球队训练课的塔什彻,就在一次冲撞中不幸被撞到头部,经过检查,塔什彻出现了脑震荡的情况。俱乐部体育主管萨默尔也确定了这则消息,“他的头部受到了撞击,有些轻微的脑震荡,这看上去有点不走运。”   据西班牙《阿斯报》披露,塔什彻在未来的两到三天内将会缺席球队的训练,而能否在周末对阵勒沃库森的比赛中复出仍不清晰。对于如今的拜仁来说,此前四名能够打中卫位置的球员:哈维-马丁内斯、博阿滕、贝纳蒂亚以及巴德施图伯,只有巴德一人能够披挂上阵,此番刚刚加盟球队的新援即上了伤病名单,对于瓜迪奥拉来说当真只能有头疼的份了。   此外,前两天旧伤复发的马丁内斯,在当地时间周二,前往西班牙巴塞罗那完成了膝盖伤情的检查。拜仁官方已经宣布,这位西班牙国脚将休战大约四周的时间。而主力中卫博阿滕,按照媒体的说法,将会缺阵长达三个月之久。   (adios)相关的主题文章: