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Xi’an 78 year old uncle four years to participate in the eight marathon, go to the gym every day western network (Shaanxi radio and television "news" reporter Gong Qian) the marathon play is general endurance and strength, the age of the people can not easily try, but there was a 78 year old man Chen Jin bell in Xi’an, even in four years in the eight marathon, how did he do it? Today, our reporter will take you to visit his health secret book. In the morning, we went to the eight road is located in Xi’an Fengcheng Chen Jinzhong old home, did not expect the old man already in the drizzle waiting for us, the old man trot took us to his home, Chen said, don’t look at eight in the morning, he was out to exercise over a ring, Chen said this is his health is very simple. After getting up, first do not get out of bed, to set the bed gymnastics, pedal wheel 300, enough toes 50, cross extension 50, hanging 200…… Family appliances stretch muscles and bones. Xi’an citizen Chen Jinzhong: "this one is 5 kilograms, two 10 kg, morning (pull) 30, this is 40 kg, I turn 25, like this morning, this is 3 kilos a morning, this direction in terms of 35, then the 35 direction, which belongs to the strength of the." Oatmeal with honey and chocolate, energy for healthy breakfast. The old man said, every day he would like to go to the gym to do professional training, they hired a professional coach, today is the 124th class of Chen Lao, the coach said no one dared to accept such a big age students, but Chen exercise persistence strength so that he was very moved, also specially the elderly because of the persistent decrease tuition. Xi’an fitness center coach Wang He: "all of my training programs, he can basically complete slowly, and his homework can also do very well, I was particularly touched by his spirit of perseverance."." Chen said that his own only hobby is running, every year he will set himself a task is to participate in the marathon race, but also in the specified time to run, exercise for themselves, but also for the family happy. Marathon enthusiasts Chen Jinzhong: "now exercise good, do not make trouble for the children, right, (children) call to ask the old man how you, (I said) my body is very good, she was relieved, right?"." I exercise my health, I exercise my happiness, this is the last one health cheats Chen, near the end of the interview, Chen said he has participated in four consecutive years eight marathon this year, the performance is getting better and better, he said he would have been such a run down, I also wish the old Chen healthy and happy forever.

西安78岁大爷四年参加八次马拉松 每天去健身房   西部网讯(陕西广播电视台《第一新闻》记者 宫茜)马拉松运动玩的是耐力和体力,一般上了年龄的人轻易不敢尝试,可是在西安有位78岁的陈金钟老人,竟然在四年间参加了八次马拉松比赛,他是怎么做到的呢?今天我们的记者就带您一起去探访一下他的健康秘籍。,   一大早我们来到位于西安凤城八路的陈金钟老人的家,没想到,老人早已经在毛毛细雨中等着我们,老人一路小跑把我们带到了他家,陈老说,别看早上八点,他已经是出门锻炼过一圈了,陈老说这是他的健康秘籍很简单。   起床后先不忙下床,来套床上体操,蹬车轮300下,够脚尖50下,交叉伸展50下,悬空200下……家庭器械舒展筋骨。   西安市民陈金鈡:“这个一根是5公斤,两根10公斤,早上(拉)30下,这个是40公斤,早上我弯25下,这样子,这个是3公斤一个,早上这种方向来讲35下,再这个方向35下,这个属于力量型的。”   麦片粥加蜂蜜外加巧克力,健康早餐补充能量。   老人说,他每天还要去健身房做专业训练,还专门请了个专业教练教,今天是陈老的第一百二十四堂课,教练说一般没有人敢收年龄这么大的学员,但陈老锻炼身体的执着劲让他很是感动,还特意因为老人的这份执着减少了学费。   西安某健身中心教练王贺:“我所有的训练计划,他基本上都可以慢慢地完成,还有他的家庭作业也可以做得很好,我特别的被他的这份坚持的精神给感动了。”   陈老说自己自己唯一的爱好就是跑步,每年他都会给自己定一个任务就是参加马拉松比赛,而且要在规定的时间内跑完,锻炼为了自己也为了家人开心快乐。   马拉松运动爱好者陈金鈡:“现在锻炼身体好了,不给儿女们造麻烦了对不对,(儿女)打电话问老爷子你怎么样,(我说)我的身体好得很,她就放心了对不对。”   我运动我健康,我运动我快乐,这是陈老的最后一个健康秘籍,采访接近尾声,陈老说他已经连续四年参加了八次马拉松比赛,这两年的成绩也是越来越好,他说自己会一直这样奔跑下去,我们也祝愿陈老永远健康快乐。相关的主题文章: