Men want to pull girlfriend jump river suicide girlfriend to see through the intention of the alarm-dnf商人吧

Men want to pull the girl jumped into the river Dutch act to recognize its intention after his girlfriend alarm all things good, that life is precious, Taizhou Jiaojiang a more than 40 year old male, female friends jump ready to pull the Jiaojiang bridge Dutch act fortunately, the woman found intention, boyfriend, after the alarm was from doom. In October 18th more than 3 in the morning the fire brigade rushed to the Jiaojiang bridge, told the woman rushed to the fire brigade, in the evening of two people playing bridge, the man drank too much wine, two people quarrel, the man was feeling very excited, to want to pull your girlfriend a river, but the female know immediately after fled the scene alarm. The autumn river is very cold, if not to fall is very dangerous, the fire brigade decisively to find somebody, but the specific location is not clear, that the man was already over the bridge to the outside of the iron piers, fire officers and soldiers quickly to carry out rescue. For the sake of safety, fire officers and soldiers to climb down the iron, the specific location for the man, the man was sitting in the bridge at the bottom of the shelf, saw the man more excited mood. After the fire officers and men and the scene police took turns to enlighten, and then gave up the idea of jumping the river, and followed the fire officers and soldiers climbed the bridge deck.

男子欲拉上女友跳江自杀 女友识破其意图后报警世间事物很美好,都说生命诚可贵,台州椒江一男40多岁,准备拉着女朋友一起跳椒江二桥自杀,所幸该女子识破男朋友的意图,报警后才免遭厄运。10月18日凌晨3点多消防官兵迅速赶到椒江二桥,女子赶紧将情况告诉了消防官兵,晚上两人在二桥玩耍,男的喝多了酒,期间两人发生了争吵,男的当时情绪很激动,打算想要拉着女朋友一起跳江,可是女的知道后,马上逃离了现场报警。深秋后江水很冷了,万一不留意掉下去就很危险,消防官兵果断先找人,但是具体位置还不清楚,得知男子当时已经翻过二桥外侧的铁架下到桥墩处,消防官兵迅速开展施救。为安全起见,消防官兵先爬下铁架,找寻该名男子的具体位置,发现该男子正坐在桥底部的架子上,看见男子情绪比较激动。男子经过消防官兵和现场民警轮流开导,随后放弃了跳江的念头,并跟着消防官兵爬上了桥面。相关的主题文章: