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The sound of · to · to invite you to allure you Sennheiser Beijing, September 26, 2016 – the old saying goes: "great form is beyond shape, great music has the faintest notes," the sound of distant and ethereal form people are most impressed. The transmission and acceptance of sound and image is always an important way for people to perceive nature and perceive each other. Concrete as the voice gives form and restore the sound source, such as appearance, voice to explore the future, make the sound more vivid and true, create different enjoy listening to different people, which is to explore the path of Sennheiser 70 years since the birth of the perfect and unremitting pursuit of the "Shape The Future of Audio" brand the spirit is the resulting. From October 2016 to early 2017, Sennheiser combined with the The Peninsula Hotel, create a wonderful "Sennheiser · to · to listen to your allure" acoustic laboratory. It is located in Beijing and Shanghai to visit a The Peninsula Hotel to set up a special space, you can participate in the Sennheiser fantastic sound experience tour. All of its flagship products and technologies, including the AMEBO 3D scene immersion technology, inherited the legend as the world’s top HE1 headset, headset flagship electrostatic HD 800 S, PXC 550, Momentum series, TeamConnect series, Ceiling communications and business TeamConnect Wireless, SP20 and other products, on one side formed a rare top products Sennheiser the future of science and technology and complete array. Both the Hi-Fi headset and audio equipment, fans, build the perfect office and meeting room environment, or for the future interest in sound technology geeks, please prepare your curiosity and ears into extraordinary auditory Sennheiser laboratory. The immediate appointment to visit Sennheiser · to form sound; · listen to your allure "auditory laboratory, please call: 13426232810 17301073080. The event began in September 26, 2016 and lasted until early 2017.相关的主题文章: