Xiamen Metro Line 1 a month at the end of the train arrived in Xiamen unveiled-cad2012序列号和密钥

Xiamen Metro Line 1 a month at the end of the train arrived in Xiamen unveiled Xiamen subway train appearance is very tall. Xiamen subway train internal clean and bright. Reporter Lei Yu correspondent Li Lin Xiamen subway train looks like? With the Metro Line 1 at the end of next year trial operation is approaching, Xiamen subway yesterday ushered in a key node — the first phase project of line 1 subway cars off the line, this means that the first subway trains in Xiamen has finally opened a mysterious veil. The day before, Xiamen rail group staff has traveled to Hebei Tangshan with the big guy "home", is expected in October 30th, the first subway train will arrive in Xiamen. Why is the first subway train from Tangshan subway line in Hebei, Tangshan? Reporters learned that the manufacturing enterprises in Xiamen subway train is Tangshan Zhongche Locomotive Vehicle Co Ltd is located in Hebei, Tangshan. In order to take this big guy, Xiamen Railway Group staff arrived early local. From October 18th to October 22nd, Xiamen Railway Group in Tangshan Zhongche company completed the first train factory acceptance, the acceptance through electrostatic inspection and testing standards, vehicle quality, good performance, achieves the requirements of offline. It is worth mentioning that the first train delivery cycle is only 12 months, creating the city’s first subway line vehicle shortest delivery time. The maximum capacity of 2062 vehicles according to the introduction, the first phase project of Xiamen Metro Line 1 uses B type vehicle 6 cars, 2.8 meters wide, the total length of about 118.7 meters, the maximum capacity of 2062 people, a maximum speed of 80 kilometers an hour. This is not the first appearance of the Xiamen subway train. Not long ago, in the "98" Trade Fair on the show, the Xiamen subway train to restore the proportion of 1:10 realistically, in the form of a model with the public met. According to reports, the Xiamen subway design elements of Xiamen joined the egrets. In addition, in order to adapt to the western area of climate and geography and technical conditions in line, Xiamen subway train to tailor Development — according to the climatic characteristics of Xiamen metro, the air outlet, the air more bigger, can realize the replacement of air in a shorter period of time, people crowded passengers will not feel bored. Xiamen Metro is also a large number of green materials and the use of world-class energy-saving and shock absorption and noise reduction technology, the whole car intelligent fire warning.相关的主题文章: