Exposure knight or Jr will be signed for the first change 21+21 center James (video)-姉summer

Exposure knight or JR will be signed for the first 21+21 center to help James big heart! Monroe roll back life Mayo key three Tencent sports news September 23rd U.S. media reports, J.R.- Smith knight or sign, with Smith as a bargaining chip in exchange for bucks center Andrew Monroe. JR for Monroe? The knight and Smith’s contract negotiations stalled, according to the "Cleveland honest newspaper" reporter Joe – Walden, Smith hopes to get a long about the average annual salary of $15 million, while the Knights only willing to give an average annual salary of $13 million two-year contract, the two sides have differences in the length of the contract and the amount. The knight would not paid about the renewal of Smith, but if he just left, and not willing to knight. Now a trading opportunity appeared, the knight can meet the requirements of Smith’s contract, after signing with him for the transaction chips and bucks players exchange, is expected to get the support of James’s efforts to defend the defending champion. The Bucks swingman Middleton left a hamstring tear, received surgical treatment, is expected to be sidelined for 6 months. Last season, Middleton averaged 18.2 points, the first is the Bucks scorer, he hit a record three points total of 143 goals in the season, is also the first stag team. The ball was originally three bucks in their weaknesses, on the season totals dropped into 440 three pointers, the bottom 30 teams in the league. Now Middleton injury, the Bucks need to add three points shooter. By trading with the Rockets, the Bucks won Beasley, who averaged 12.8 points per game last season, and he was a good scorer, but the goal was not a strong point of three points in the last few minutes of the game, but the goal was not to win the game, but the goal was not to be strong enough to score a goal of $. Beasley NBA career three point shooting 34.3%, three ball very much, efficiency is not high, he can bring forward positions to the Bucks scored three points, but the ball a little help. Different from Beasley, Smith is a three point expert, NBA career hit a record three points in the game, ranked NBA in the history of the top three standings, had a single field into the record of three points in the performance of the ball of 11 points in the. Smith hit 204 goals last season, scoring a record high of NBA career, scoring a goal of up to three points by the end of the year at the end of the year at the end of the year, with a record of $40%. If Smith joined the Bucks, it can effectively make up for the damage caused by the long range of fire damage in the area of Middleton. The 26 year old Monroe is the first round of the 2010 seven show, after entering NBA played 5 seasons with the Bucks pistons, 2015 signed a 5 year contract for $70 million change over last season, averaging 15.3 points and 8.8 rebounds. Monroe is a more traditional style of the big man, with excellent low offensive skills, rebounding ability is good, had in February 6, 2015 on the Nuggets in the game cut 21 points and 21 rebounds. Although Monroe has a good effect in the basket, but he slower short board range is limited, and the Bucks pursue style of play is not the same, which leads to the cooperation between the two sides in a season only after the trade rumors appeared. There are reports that the Bucks hope in the new season after Monroe before the start of a number of teams including on Houston and San Antonio, Luo interest. Monroe is not suitable for the Bucks, but he is useless in cleveland. Low attack big man is a weapon to crack the ball tactics.相关的主题文章: