Changsha’s largest liquefied gas plant exit nearly 30 years has been the supply of millions (video)-jcuv是什么车

Changsha largest liquefied gas factory exit for nearly 30 years has served thousands of original title: Changsha largest liquefied gas factory exit special equipment department of Hunan yesterday for the first time large-scale demolition, construction workers will be Changsha LPG Spherical Tank Liquefied Petroleum Corporation, storage and distribution of two plant demolition. The large-scale removal of this special equipment is the first time in the province. Changsha evening news reporter Shi Zhen special photo Star online November 8th news yesterday, with the last great cutting of LPG Spherical Tank Landing, located in Tianxin District Street, Changsha city’s largest liquefied gas storage and distribution plant completely and city "say goodbye". It is reported that such large-scale removal of special equipment in the province is still the first time. The old factory has nearly 30 years of supply Changsha liquefied gas storage and distribution of the oil company thousands of households to dismantle two factory is located in Tianxin District Nanhu District Yin Chong plots, there are 6 tanks, 2 tanks, the total storage capacity of 6200 cubic meters. According to insiders, the liquefied gas factory built in the last century at the beginning of 90s, every day a large number of liquefied gas shipped from the kitchen, sent to thousands of households, the supply of coverage of the city. Based on the needs of the development of the area, from the second half of last year, the way to start the preparation of liquefied gas plant in the streets of the gas station. Demolition work safety is the first. Previously, there is no case of large-scale removal of such equipment in the province. We step by step, respectively, to the relevant departments of the provincial urban approval." Red ridge road, the relevant person in charge, from 3 months ago, the contract was officially opened before the demolition. The Construction Party met his "first times" reporter on the scene saw the demolition work at the construction organization is wildly beating gongs and drums, 30 years ago, the construction of fourth party Chinese chemical engineering construction company. It is said that in the history of the construction of the capital city of the city, only built not demolished". In yesterday’s destructive demolition operations, the company has a large number of staff to observe and record. Because the whole process is very complex, can not make any mistakes and omissions. After the demolition program came out, we invited the province’s most authoritative experts for evaluation, held an expert evaluation demonstration." China Chemical Engineering Construction Co., Ltd. Jiang Xiang, the person in charge of the project, because the dangerous goods involved in the demolition must ensure that no gas in the tank before the fourth. Earlier, in accordance with the program to restore the normal operation of the plant, electricity, fire and other comprehensive recovery. "The first step will be out of gas, and the combustion gas remaining, then water will top residual gas ejection tank, the tank cooking, completely remove the residue on the tank wall." Jiang Xiang introduction. The whole process of supervision, feeding goldfish detection of water, although it is the first time, but the organization, safety measures, protection are in place." Chi Ling Street staff revealed that the proposed drainage construction process of the previous scheme if meet environmental standards can be straight row, but the whole is not from a drop of water, all the professional equipment transported to the sewage treatment plant, all the way to follow the full supervision of supervision company. In order to ensure the quality and safety supervision of the company, even from the tank scoop a few tablespoons water, keep a few days of goldfish. As of yesterday, the security hidden trouble of 6 tank, 2 horizontal tanks all removed, and cut processing, 1200 injured相关的主题文章: