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The family style sound "parents" sell old pit Empty Nester spend 70 thousand to buy the elderly consumer health care products of health care products and health products when the drug is deceived to eat, eight year old man was admitted to the hospital; to be a "parents" to call, Empty Nester move the heart, spend 70 thousand yuan to buy a health care products; more than and 30 years listening to lectures, always live frugally to the elderly to buy a about 100000 yuan of health care products…… In October 9th, the Sichuan Provincial Council issued the consumption of the elderly, the elderly health care products has become the hardest hit consumer complaints. The first three quarters of this year, the province’s consumer organizations received consumer complaints involving health food, health care products of the 325 cases, the old man cheated for Empty Nester. Health care products complaints from 325 elderly people routines deep flyer, a lecture, Chengdu, 81 year old Huang Xiuli and health products on the bar. "The lecture is free and free of charge." Huang Xiuli said that it was the examination, she was found blood circulation is not good. Subsequently, a man claiming to be a university professor recommended to her a value of 4000 yuan a bottle of medicine, said the ingredients from yak whip, yam and other valuable herbs. Since then, Huang Xiuli and his wife received numerous telephone calls, the phone, a young man and a girl called a parents, two old people heard that to buy a variety of health care products to sell each other, spent 70 thousand yuan savings, but the feeling after eating is not what effect." Chengdu, Qingbaijiang (micro-blog) 85 year old Jiang Hongyi, a monthly pension of $3000 spent on health care products; Ding, Chengdu, uncle spent their savings, but also became a "moonlight clan" ()"…… These people have a common characteristic: Empty Nester. Provincial Council Secretary General Xiao Xiangrong introduced his lectures and patients; free experience, preferential gift; family care and hospitality door are commonly used "old routines flicker". The first three quarters of this year, the province’s consumer organizations received consumer complaints involving health care products of the 325 cases, "because the operators played the family card, Empty Nester easily caught." Xiao Xiangrong called on young people to care about the elderly at home, in particular, should be more concerned about their spiritual life, more communication with the elderly, communication." Nearly 8 of consumers confused health care products and pharmaceuticals in July this year, the state of Liangshan (micro-blog) Xichang City Consumer Protection Committee carried out a questionnaire survey of local middle-aged consumers, 45% of consumers buy health food; 37% of consumers agree to buy health food. It is worth noting that 78% of consumers do not understand the health food and medicine. In May 2015, Sanjiang gold town, Jingyan County 83 year old Mr. Yu because of chest pain, bloating, nausea in the hospital, arch-criminal capsule is the old man in the health station can cure cough, shortness of breath, tired of buying. It turned out that the elderly lung is not very good, health station staff to the health care of the human lung as a health care products sold to him. In the local council’s mediation, Mr. Yu health station to give 20 thousand yuan compensation, while the health station alleged illegal business behavior has been transferred to the local food and Quality Supervision Bureau handled separately. Blue hat logo to remind Xiao Xiangrong to remember to ask for receipts to remind older consumers, health care products, cleaning相关的主题文章: