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Job buddy attention Henan talent recruitment notice issued in November of the mapping network news (reporter Wang Kuan) October 31st, Henan Province Center for talent exchange issued in November a series of recruitment notice, 3 will expand the recruitment and special recruitment will help for college graduates. First, the fourth part of the city to recruit college graduates special joint activities – Henan talent market venue to better promote the rational flow and allocation of college graduates, improve the quality of employment, promote employment and city information sharing, the fourth session of the joint part of the city to recruit college graduates special events Henan talent market, the venue will be held special recruitment in November 12th. By then, Henan talent market will organize enterprises to recruit professional graduates, graduates to build the effective supply and demand negotiation platform, the field of recruitment will still be 110 booths, recruitment information will cover a number of professional, Chinese talent network, Henan Central Plains market official micro-blog, WeChat push ahead of supply and demand information online query job positions. Will provide more personalized, professional and refined services for graduates, to further improve the success rate of job seekers. Two, North China Institute of water conservancy and hydropower delegation to participate in the 2017 session of the graduates’ employment of two-way choice fair "to promote the employment of college graduates, to help enterprises to introduce outstanding talent of college graduates, the talent market in Henan will organize in November 19th 150 companies at the North China Institute of water conservancy and hydropower in the" 2017 graduates of two-way choice of fair, this time into the campus recruitment service service object to the 2017 season activities focus on college graduates, according to the school of professional organizations, the Gezhouba Dam group, Hongli group, corporate exchange network, industry survey and design group, Weijia trade group, a large business group and other famous enterprises into the campus, face-to-face communication with students, graduates will be sent to nearly 5000 jobs, to achieve the best matching and optimization of talent for graduates entering the workforce, the first step to build the service platform . Three, to host the 2017 session of the college graduates comprehensive fairs 2017 college graduates coming into the workplace, to meet the new demand, bring new occupation for graduates, Henan talent market specific held in November 26th 2017 college graduates comprehensive fairs, inject new vitality into the graduate employment market, help the industry to achieve a new graduation the employment dream. The recruitment of the booth 110, in addition to providing the clerk for graduates, accounting, cashier, sales representative, HR specialist, foreign trade salesman and other traditional jobs, will also provide software testers for graduates, electronic commerce, data analysts and designers new jobs, the province’s colleges and universities welcome students to come to the scene exchanges and business negotiations, market will provide faster, more accurate and more efficient service. In addition to develop a series of recruitment activities for graduates, the talent market in Henan will be held on November 5th "electronic commerce, trade logistics, medical equipment, integrated service industry special recruitment will be held in November 19th", "Henan Province special marketing talent recruitment, talent exchange service platform to provide professional and accurate industry elite.相关的主题文章: