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Shishou Gaoling Ming Tomb opened coffin memory large effusion exposed site map of Jingzhou TV station of the latest reports: Recently, a Ming Dynasty coffin unearthed in Jingzhou Gaoling Zhen Xu Jia Gang Cun in Shishou City, open the coffin, a sleeping for about 500 years of the Ming Dynasty woman delivered from oppression! The face of the corpse is clear, even the eyebrows and hair are clearly visible. Subsequently, the staff to clean up the funerary items in the coffin, clean out the clip a quilt, 2 quilts, pillows, 1 pieces of silk and cotton clothing 22 sets. Shishou City Cultural Relics Bureau deputy director, deputy curator of the Museum of Peng Tao according to the female body, bones, teeth, hair roughly calculate its age at 60. The experts were surprised to find the woman in the outermost untie the clothes, a woman with a suspected chest pressure paper items, what specific significance need further study. In addition, the woman who dress a total of 13 sets, including 1 parts: silk hat, coat the 5 pieces, 4 pieces of silk, a cotton; over 7 sets, of which 2 pieces of cotton silk dress, dress 1, silk trousers 2, knee 1 sets, 1 sets of bindings, shoes 1 set. Most of these costumes are well preserved, especially in a set of silk blouses and trousers. In addition to these costumes, the experts did not find other words, so the identity of the owner is still a mystery. Why is the woman after 500 years, will be preserved so well? Experts, in addition to lime slurry protection glutinous rice thick outer coffin, the coffin was found beneath the herbs and red dates. Shishou, deputy director of the Municipal Bureau of cultural relics museum deputy director Peng Tao said, this study of the south, especially valuable significance in Ming Dynasty in southern Hubei’s funeral customs, costumes, and the Ming dynasty. The morning of October 30th, with the Jingzhou City Center for the protection of cultural relics experts, the staff will use liquid medicine for protection of Ming Dynasty complete woman into glass coffin after. At the same time, all unearthed apparel finishing seal bagging after refrigerated protection, to further study. Gaoling shishoushi video site of the tomb being opened! With video speed Jingzhou Security Center experts came to the museum and the local security personnel in Shishou today to clean up the coffin, the coffin found in the preservation of a large number of effusion. Currently, the clean-up work is still ongoing. It is understood that the three ancient tomb found in Shishou City, Gaoling Town, two of which are severely damaged, only a well preserved. Well preserved tomb length of about 2 meters, on the width of 58 cm, under the width of 48 cm, height of 65 cm. The tomb, coffin cover more than lime glutinous rice paste thickness of 40 cm, the thickness is under the coffin of 8 cm around the thickness of 25 cm. It is also because of the protection of thick layer of lime glutinous rice slurry, the tomb of the coffin are very well preserved, after archaeologists on-site treatment after October 21st, the well preserved coffin moved to the Museum of shishou. (reporter She Guojun Shishou station reporter Guan Jian) preliminary reports > > in October 19th, the Jingzhou Museum and the person in charge of Shishou museum staff went to Xu Jia Gang Zhen Gaoling Cun guide tomb excavation work. It is reported that the Department found three ancient tombs, a word arrangement, the Department of the villagers were found on the formation of farmland. Discovery of ancient.相关的主题文章: