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Alonso: F1 does not change the rules I will retire Red Bull Mebon ask me is not Fernando – Alonso sina sports news Fernando – Alonso said that if the F1 rules are now so that next year even if they win the world champion, or even Red Bull Mebon voted to contract in 2018, he will not change the end of his F1 career at the end of next year the determination of. Alonso and McLaren contract by the end of 2017, the signs that the two world champion may not renew, but when the end of F1 career. One reason is that Alonso can not get a competitive car, but also from his dissatisfaction with the current F1 rules. Austen told the Finland media "Turun Sanomat": "I have a contract for 2017," said Alonso. I am sure that McLaren and Honda will be in the next year than this year brought a much stronger car. So the only question is whether I can enjoy the new cars." Here, Alonso was not referring to the new McLaren racing competition, but the new characteristics of the 2017 F1 technology under the rules of all cars will bring. 2017F1 under the rules of the car body and tires are more lenient, lower pressure is greater, is expected to increase the speed of 4-5 seconds. "If the rules are the rules that require the driver to save everything in the first lap of the race, then next year will be my last year at F1. If I can win the world champion next year, I also want to say goodbye, because I don’t love driving this car, I will end my career." Media asked, if Mei Ben or red bull sent him the 2018 contract, Alonso will choose to stay? Alonso replied: "first, I don’t think they will do it, because they have identified the driver for the next two years. At present, access to a car or for a team the temptation not to stimulate the i." (sina sports racing channel Swift)相关的主题文章: