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The Olympic silver medal for political asylum had landed in the United States national protest crackdown – Sohu sports   Beijing time on September 15th, at the Rio Olympic Games men’s marathon runner Ethel Shakespeare, Issa – in his hands crossed Leza fees than the anti government protest gesture crossed the line end point scene was a lot of people remember, after winning the Olympic silver medal will, he has also been seeking refuge. According to the latest reports in the foreign media, Leza has now come to the United states. "If I go back to Ethiopia, they’ll kill me." Rilesa said after the end of the Rio olympics. This is the sign of the cross Ethiopia Oromo peaceful protest movement to protest against Ethiopia’s Government suppression of dissent. Oromo Ethel Biya is the largest local nation, from the beginning of last year to the social and political reform, and the end of the exploitation of human rights, the Oromo people repeatedly launched protests, but had been strong government crackdown. According to human rights watch, 400 people have been killed and thousands injured. Rilesa’s family is still in Ethel Biya, but he has arrived in the U.S. this week. At present, about his campaign has raised more than $160 thousand (about 1 million 67 thousand yuan) funds to support his travel and living costs. But in the Leza’s agent did not respond to a message. According to the United States immigration Committee News in Leza in August indeed to the United States put forward political asylum, but eventually it is by the American homeland security department handling. According to the definition of the American immigration Commission, the United States is the object of the protection of those who have been in the United States, foreign nationals, or in line with international definition of ‘refugees’". The 26 year old Li Leza is the world’s top athletes, he won a silver medal in the Olympics score 2 points 4 seconds 52, can be discharged into the top ten history. And in the same Leza, in the Quebec City Marathon game, another player Ethel Biya AI Pizza – en Chi ancient also hands cross gestures gesture of protest to finish the race, he lived in Toronto, but also to local time on September 25th the Montreal half marathon race to do that again. (Alse)相关的主题文章: