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Chelsea injured back full debut Zuma Zuma Chelsea comeback recapture rhetoric main defender sina sports finally return, Tuesday night at the Chelsea youth team, he played 90 minutes. In the field of Chelsea U23 and Oxford united one "Checkatrade" cup, Zuma as the first defender, and played the full game, the British media said, "showing Zuma in the game and the usual calm and confident". The two sides in 90 minutes at 1 to 1, the final penalty shootout, Chelsea U23 team than the 13 to 12 win. Zuma played Chelsea on November 20th, according to the assessment, against Middlesbrough, Zuma’s body should be able to achieve high strength competition requirements, but whether to send him out, Conti needs to decide, after all, Chelsea good, Conti may follow the "win for first" principle. In February 7th of this year, Zuma in the cross ligament injury with Manchester United, has been trained for nine months, the comeback, he made it clear that we should strive to get a place in the new system of the "Chelsea" 343. The British media interpretation, which will allow the blues to play now starting players remain vigilant, thereby forming a healthy competition. (LEGION)相关的主题文章: