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Street fights parties to apologize to Wu You said after the new network behavior deeply guilt in the newspaper news (reporter Song Xiang) recently, street basketball star Wu You and the team had a fierce conflict in Yunnan and the local team game, many players strike violently. Then, both sides are on the network for this thing to explain and express their views. Yesterday, one of the events of the parties fight streetball Lin Ching Yuang for Wu You made a public apology, he felt guilty for the previous behavior. This street fights caused great concern. There are a lot of video recording the situation at that time in the network, on the basketball court dirty moves appear repeatedly, and both players discontent against each other gradually accumulated to a certain extent, Wu You with a verbal conflict with each other, and chest hit each other, become a fight event. After that, there are video shows that the other players had to pinch the neck of Wu You hand, which intensified the contradiction between the two sides. The two teams are members of the scene was very chaotic and unbearable strike violently. However, when the two sides gradually calm down after the event, they are also reflected in their misconduct. This street fights Lin Jingyuan one of the parties in the network released a video in the video he made a public apology for Wu You. Lin Jingyuan said: "I am very calm after their own, very sorry for their actions. I am here to Wu You and his teammates, as well as relatives and friends, to express my sincere apology, I feel very guilty. I am a CUBA player who loves basketball, such as life, I deeply understand that my words and deeds have a negative impact on the school, CUBA and society. I have neglected my duty and the bottom line, is also the special irresponsible behavior to own future and the future. I really regret it, I was wrong, I apologize to everyone here."相关的主题文章: