Long distance bus owners to compete with the bus passengers on the ramp entrance free parking-matlab 等高线�

The bus station owner sent with the cattle for customers elevated ramp free parking recently some people reflect, Shanghai Zhongshan North Road Hutai Road, often long-distance passenger vehicle is still soliciting cattle, some elevated ramp free parking boarding. More than ten in the morning, the reporter came to the bus station, along the way someone came up and asked whether to take the car. In front of the station ticket hall, the man wearing a chest card reported to the price of Xuancheng. Across the Shanghai too road, opposite the intersection of the bus station, the price is more affordable cattle. Introduces the station, there are a number of long-distance bus stations near the source, very intense competition for Huang Niuqiang and to the outside business station owners will be sent to the station soliciting. Shanghai bus station duty station Zhou Changfu said, wearing a badge, basically is the owner arranged down, pull the passengers at the station to bus ticket inside. In accordance with the relevant provisions of the long-distance passenger, in addition to the regular site, along the way is prohibited on and off, Zhongshan North Road Hutai Road here was once the illegal passenger hit, after long period of law enforcement and police departments remediation, this is a lot less, but the door soliciting cattle but lvjinbujue. The site also called for passengers to their own safety, do not ride the irregular long-distance car.相关的主题文章: