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What are the six standards of "modern good mother" – which do you often do to keep your child under control?. Do not teach bad children, only the mother will not teach, want to teach gifted children, the following 4 kinds of good mother education method, you should learn the recipe. My mother is the first teachers of the children, in many families, children are often the most important education mother, if improper treatment method of mother in the family education, it is prone to conflict with the child, not only let the parent-child relationship become tense, will delay your baby to become "baby genius". The traditional good mother standard: 1, good at management, such as cleaning, cooking, sewing and so on; 2, to take care of the children, arrange their children’s eating, dressing, washing, security and so on; 3, training children to understand the rules, to develop good habits, living arrangements for children; 4, educate their children to order, obedient. Reward their good behavior and correct their mistakes; 5, to cultivate children’s good moral and character, the establishment of religious belief. Good mother of modern standards: 1, cultivate children’s self-confidence, encourage their independence, teach them to adapt to life; 2, pay attention to the child’s emotional development, to keep children happy, meet the emotional state; 3, to promote the psychological development of children, develop their reading and numeracy; 4, love children, share happiness and children, guide their living arrangements in the children’s level; 5, the children say interest, answer questions the child; 6, calm, happy, have a sense of humor, often with a smile. Children grow up to 2 years later, the gradual development of "self consciousness", not to be parents for independence and interference, and begin to reverse even regardless of parents’ orders. As a mother, and child abuse or emotional intensification, laissez faire don’t ask, left unchecked, these are "smart" approach. Want to find a good way to see what the modern good mother should do.相关的主题文章: