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Chengdu Metro Line 1, line 5 will be "too busy" to improve the capacity expansion of 70% Metro Line 5 Diagram (according to the Sichuan online) Huaxi Dushi Bao (reporter Zhang Xiangling) 3, with the Metro Line 4 line, Chengdu Metro Line 1 (micro-blog) passenger pressure increased sharply. November 4th, the reporter learned from the Chengdu subway, metro line one or two, the initial adjustment of the preliminary design of the project through expert review, will be adjusted to the formation of the 6 marshalling of the group, which means that the line 5 train will carry more passengers in. This will be Chengdu’s first subway line marshalling by "8A". 5 line opened after the operation, will greatly ease the pressure on line 1 passenger flow. Line 5 is the backbone of Chengdu City Series line north and south of the city, passing through Jinniu District, Xindu District, Qingyang district (micro-blog) (micro-blog WeChat), Wuhou District, high tech Zone (micro-blog), Tianfu Shuangliu (micro-blog) area of the city area, passenger flow in large scale, parallel and line 1 will be part of the line. Supplement No. 1 line capacity of pressure relief. "8A" is a large amount of car city Dayun rail transit models, compared with Chengdu subway line operators using the existing "6B" vehicle capacity can be increased by about 70%. The use of A car 8 marshalling, will greatly improve the comfort of passenger travel, to avoid peak hours passengers can not stand, to alleviate the pressure on the North-South passenger traffic has a positive meaning. According to the Chengdu Business Daily: according to the relevant person in charge, line 5 is the backbone of the line connecting the north and South Chengdu, the larger the size of the passenger flow. At present, the Chengdu subway line is used to operate the existing "6B" vehicle marshalling, that each train consists of 6 B compartments, the vehicle capacity of 1259 people, the largest capacity system for 37 thousand and 800 people per hour. Recently, the expert group to discuss, metro line one or two phase of the project will be adjusted to train the A model of the formation of the 5 cars of the 8. A type car than the B type car is 3.1 meters long, 0.2 meters high, the vehicle number uses 8 A type carriage consisting of "8A" of the vehicle marshalling as many as 2144 people, the largest capacity system will reach 64 thousand and 300 people per hour. "8A" is "6B" system capacity can be increased by about 70%. Relevant responsible person said, the A car 8 cars makes the line 5 advanced with large capacity, which will greatly improve the ride comfort, to avoid the rush hour passengers "can not be based on, effectively alleviate the city north-south passenger pressure. Chengdu Daily reporter Yin Qintong client editor Wei Kongming editor’s note: this has nothing to do with the original video, for extended reading: to speed up the construction of Chengdu Metro Line 5 & #8212; & #8212; the northern section of the elevated first piece of precast beam pouring completed相关的主题文章: