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The disabled couple set up factories recruit women left behind a sheet only earn five cents – public channel on September 16, 2016 morning, Anhui Fuyang, Liu Qiang and his wife Ding Xiujuan drove the electric car came 10 kilometers outside of Fuyang city of Linyi cloth factory to pull their own processing. At the beginning of 2014 to 20 thousand yuan, the young couple took out two years of work product like down, set up a production of linen factory, specializing in the processing and production orders. Over the past few years, through the joint efforts of two people, the processing plant from the beginning of the development of the sewing machine to the current 7 units, and recruited nearly 4 left behind women to work in the factory. There are a lot of left behind women in the village where Liu Qiang, when they saw the couple at home to earn two thousand or three thousand yuan a month at the time of the month, I hope to be able to find something to do his work in the factory to do the work of. In this way, Liu Qiang and his wife, after the discussion, but also has purchased 5 sewing equipment, and recruited nearly four left behind women into the factory to work in the past, and then, in the vicinity of the work of the women. Because it is funded by the piece, so there is a living, they can earn up to nearly three thousand dollars a month, usually a month are basically around $one thousand." Liu Qiang said, in order to let everyone something to do, he and his wife Ding Xiujuan to go to the cooperation of the company to pull the cloth every two or three days. The 26 year old Liu Qiang is Anhui Fuyang Yingquan District Zhou Peng Zhen Liu Tong Community farmers, a child with cerebral palsy leads to difficulty in walking. In 2008, only the primary school culture, he came to Fuyang Marriott School of clothing sewing technology. During the study period, met with to learn technology Funan County disabled girl Ding Xiujuan, and have feelings, after the person in charge of the school and in 2011, two were married. "20 thousand dollars when the company established or we work product like, not the beginning of orders, I went to the city to run garment factory, after receiving the order, we will work overtime in the evening of two, for fear of delayed delivery date." Speaking of the difficult situation at the beginning of the business, Liu Qiang seemed excited. Over the past few years, Liu Qiang has developed a daily pull in the number of fabrics, processed into the specifications, the processing unit price and the total amount of revenue recorded in the book habits. He said, so that they can calculate the cost of production and income. "The cloth is calculated by the piece, each piece is 50 Fen, the price to the processing workers is 35 Fen, and then remove the turn, stack bundles the cost of a 15 Fen, actually only five cents per piece of income." Liu Qiang is still a little shaky when he walks. Liu Qiang said that his physical disability is three, the lover of Ding Xiujuan for the level of four, they do sewing factory, just want to realize their value of life through their own labor. Source: China Youth Network相关的主题文章: