Chongqing this is the construction of the illegal construction units (video)-cad2012序列号和密钥

This piece of Chongqing illegal construction was built to host the unit in charge of the remediation of illegal construction, the Chongqing municipal government in 2014 issued a special Decree No. 282, the purpose is to increase the remediation efforts to investigate. However, it is puzzling that the main town in Shapingba District, from the beginning of last year, there has been a large illegal buildings, the area has several thousand square meters, no one tube. Even more puzzling is that the construction of this illegal building is the management of the municipal units. Commentary: Liu is Tuzhu town residents, working in a company near, before go to work as long as along the Chongqing high-speed Wang bridge half an hour walking unit. But from the beginning of last year, he walked through the place, built a house, the road blocked. Residents Liu: now the block after more than half an hour to walk. Reporter: what did you block? Residents Liu: such as building (building) block, the original road. Reporter: which is a plant, you give me a point. Liu: is this side of the building residents. Commentary: the reporter on the scene saw the Chongqing high-speed Wangjiaqiao is two metre high red brick wall surrounded by brick wall was erected three meters high Aluminum Alloy baffle and roof, bridge pier, is the supporting point of the buildings, the entire building is divided into several areas, covers an area of 5 thousand square meters. A company called Chongqing Haipei automobile service limited liability company engaged in auto repair business unit. Reporter: sheet metal area, maintenance area, as well as the paint, this is a car repair shop. Commentary: the person in charge of Haipei garage told reporters that they did this workshop, no proof of ownership. Reporter: the house has a title card? The person in charge of Haipei garage: No. Reporter: what is this place? The person in charge of Haipei garage: no number, commonly known as the Wangjiaqiao under. Commentary: the person in charge said that they are rented from other units of this plant, but what is the unit, but he has refused to disclose. At the same time also reminded reporters, had better mind your own business. The person in charge of Haipei garage: rent his workshop to you, the best do not report, finally there is definitely a problem. Commentary: in the course of the interview, a car park near the work of a number of people on the situation, he said that the plant has a direct relationship with a management unit. Parking owner: executives. Reporter: highway management office? Parking owner: to reporters: they repair? Parking owner: Yes, they did. Reporter: you don’t say. The person in charge of the parking lot: I must not talk nonsense, he has a name on this side of the Qing Qing, chief and director of the Ni, their point is located here. Commentary: executives at the specific unit which is it? Parking lot responsible person said, he is not very clear in order to further verify the situation, the reporter came to the Shapingba Tuzhu Town City Management Office, a staff here said that the building management unit Wangjiaqiao under their higher authorities, therefore, is not convenient to say too much, don’t tube. City Management Office staff: do not be a bridge pipeline, to tell you that the management of the highway bridge in the management, we sometimes do not control the town. To say to you.相关的主题文章: