Ningbo, the day after tomorrow, the maximum temperature of 30 degrees or from Friday to greet the bi-helmet怎么读

Ningbo tomorrow and the maximum temperature reached 30 degrees Celsius on Friday to meet with strong wind cooling through the cloudy rainy days, the weather was clear. Strike for a long time the Sun Jun finally re appointment, the mood becomes comfortable. Yesterday, Ningbo local rain, today as usual. The thought of autumn rain will bring a layer of coolness, then not only the weather is getting better and better, the temperature began to counterattack. The day after tomorrow, the maximum temperature will reach 28 to 29 DEG C, just close up may have to wear short sleeved. Early this week, temperatures rise more clouds, late cold air rain. The next cloudy to overcast weather, local rain Thursday, mainly cloudy weather, temperatures rise significantly in most areas, the highest temperature can reach 28 DEG to 30 DEG C; Friday to Sunday by a moderate to strong cold air, there is a cool, windy and weak precipitation process, the maximum temperature dropped to 20 degrees Celsius. The minimum temperature dropped to 16 to 18 DEG C. The weather and temperature so capricious, sometimes hot and sometimes cold, it is easy to catch a cold. China Meteorological enthusiasts, said this week, the country, the temperature fluctuations, will be a high incidence of colds week. In autumn, the diurnal temperature increase, and overtime when the rain, really easy to catch cold. Recently, we are careful to take care of the body, in time to increase or decrease the clothes, do not be cold germs". The weather in Ningbo city today, cloudy to overcast rain, local 20 to 26 degrees centigrade tomorrow cloudy, local showers of 20 to 29 DEG C – Ningbo air quality grade gifted to good, grade I to grade II, the primary pollutant NO2相关的主题文章: