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Parents in the end how to meet the material requirements of the child’s parents should be how to meet the child’s physical requirements? I believe most of the parents have experienced such psychological struggle, on the one hand, to be the best thing to hold to the front of the children, on the other hand, afraid of love become spoiled, let the children become demanding, extravagance and waste, in this struggle, most parents will meet the material requirements of children at the same time, while instilling money not easily won. However, Guangzhou psychology tutor Li Xue thinks this is a kind of very harmful practices, transmission from parents to children aren’t really grateful, but the idea, but a negative sense, this sense of deprivation may affect the child’s life pattern. What determines the future of children’s material can be rich? Why was very difficult child, the three generation to the aristocracy? Is it really necessary for parents to have the money, in order to ensure that the child’s future? Facts are not determined by matter, but by mind. A friend is rich and well educated, and so are brothers and sisters. Her childhood, all material is very poor, but my mother always keep life in beauty, from time to time to give the children back to some of the best gadgets, the hardships of life, never send money, not easily won cherish heavy sense of such education, children always feel heart rich flow, so later to the society by virtue of their own each ability, rich and spiritual pursuit. Seen several such families out of people born in the poor Chinese age, parents and everyone else close but even eat only half as pour as a church mouse, a meal of meat, but also willing to call on friends with children happy children such as noble spirit. Later, when the environment is better, they can always find a way out. Three generations of nobility refers not to cultivate the three generation of wealth must be noble, but the inner sense of lack, often more than three generations to change. So, not the rich and poor, but the attitude of parents to money directly determine the future of children can be rich. Many parents do not want to happy to give their children to buy things, and give children money, how money repeatedly to cherish things not easily won can not be wasted and so on, the children to harvest is scarce and a sense of guilt, the concept of money has become a heavy difficult. Psychoanalytic theory of mind, children’s parent-child relationship into the child’s internal relationship model, which determines the fate of the child’s life. Popular point of view, the parents of children like programmers, children’s parents to their children to write a subconscious mind is the lack of a heavy, the child in the future how abundant flow? With a sense of scarcity came to the community, the subconscious command of their own, but also easy to experience the lack and heavy everywhere. For example, does not believe he deserves a good job, can always find no money to live, even if the money can not easily enjoy a give yourself money feel guilty, also prone to excessive hoarding things, resulting in greater waste. For example, parents have always been said not to waste skin care products, can not help but to buy their own money to buy a lot of skin care products, but reluctant to use, and finally expired waste. If parents often pass is: material comparison shame, than the lack of more than enough. Then the child is likely to make money on income in general, complacent, but.相关的主题文章: