Ningbo will push the construction of social credit system or influence the job interview-beef怎么读�

Big data in Ningbo will push the construction of social credit system of fare evasion or job recruitment held yesterday morning in Ningbo City, the first computer conference leading innovation forum, Ningbo Institute of Computer Data Committee founded. By the end of August, the platform for Ningbo city nearly 10 million actual population in the establishment of public credit archives, nearly 25 million natural person credit information collection of public security, civil affairs, human agency and other 15 departments. Access to the sharing of 60 million corporate credit information, for 34 companies and 450 thousand individual businesses to establish a public credit file. Reporters learned that, for the platform, we are more concerned with each person has a relationship with the natural person credit information, including basic information, credit information and credit information 3 categories. In addition to the basic personal information, credit information here, including as volunteer services and other content, and dishonesty information to administrative punishment, did not fulfill the effective legal documents to include family obligations, like water, electricity, gas, communication arrears, bus, subway fare evasion, metered parking behavior will not pay. To be incorporated into the credit archives of citizens. Ningbo City Information Center Deputy Director Dong Huiya said that with the further application of credit information, the future of these seemingly less important credit information, will be on the specific dishonesty of bank credit, and even affect the work unit recruitment, selection and appointment of cadres, and dishonest enterprises will have influence on government procurement and bidding bidding, administrative licensing, market access, quality audit, financial support etc.. If the public and businesses want to understand the specific credit situation, you can log on credit Ningbo website (), pay attention to credit Ningbo WeChat public number.相关的主题文章: