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Ningbo 1 baby long 31 finger toe surgery doctor skillfully apodization successfully (Figure) Hong Hong’s feet before surgery after surgery of the foot Philip Yang Zihong hands and feet start to like a fan, a total of 31 limbs, fingers and toes. May this year, Hunan, Pingjiang, a three month old baby Hong Hong (a pseudonym) because of suffering from a rare mirror hand, by the domestic media attention. Yesterday, Hong Hong’s mother said, the child was a few days ago in Ningbo Sixth Hospital of foot polydactyly resection, a few days can be discharged. "Mirror hand baby" around the doctor doctors in Ningbo actively invited to Ningbo operation in May this year, several well-known domestic media are reproduced in such a message: a 3 month Hunan Philip Bao Baohong suffers from a rare "mirror hand", the growth of 31 limbs, fingers and toes, just around the doctor. Hong Hong and shine like open fans, his hands have 15 fingers, feet have 16 toes. Different from the common multi finger deformity, his hands are not thumbs, parallel to the left hand of the 8 fingers of almost the thickness, the right hand is the 7 fingers. Two feet on the feet were born with 8 toes, and there is a separate bone. Hong Hong of the disease called "mirror shadow hand", is a rare multi finger (toe) deformity. According to reports, the "mirror hand" the world only reported more than and 80 cases. And like Hong Hong’s hands and feet deformity, the global reported cases of only a dozen cases. In order to allow the child to have close to normal hands and feet, from the child 3 months old, the couple took him to Hunan and Shanghai, a number of hospitals. After the media reported the experience of their family, there are a number of hospitals in the initiative to contact them. "Every hospital said are not the same, but the cost of treatment is very different, some said to a few million, ten are the highest." Hong Hong mother said, in the end where to go to treat them hesitant, then only to see which hospital has done similar cases. See Hong Hong’s report, Xu Jihai, deputy director of Ningbo Sixth Hospital, hand surgery, the initiative to contact his parents. The child is still so small, I hope he can receive regular surgery as soon as possible, in the treatment of detours." Xu Jihai said that the beginning of Hong Hong’s parents are worried that he is an intermediary, and later Xu Jihai put his identity card and physician practice card photos sent by WeChat in the past, only to obtain the trust of Hong Hong’s parents. Ningbo Sixth Hospital learned a year to do surgery, hundreds of cases of congenital malformation of the finger last week, Philip’s family from Shenzhen came to Ningbo. The successful completion of the Ningbo hospital for reducing toe surgery for pediatric patients with reduction of the cost of "mirror hand" and the occurrence of genetic and environmental factors have a relationship. It is understood that Hong Hong’s father’s limbs are normal, his mother also has four limbs deformity, hands and feet are six fingers (toes). After Hong Hong came to Ningbo, six held a number of consultation and discussion for him, and finally determine the staging operation plan. "Considering that the child is too young to work at the same time. We first gave him a foot surgery, in the children learn to walk.相关的主题文章: