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Charm Blue Max experience: there is a big difference – Sohu technology yesterday, once the honey editorial department ushered in a special small partner! How to describe the basin friends ~ ~ ~ Yan value is indeed very high, but the total feeling in other places have seen too ~ to throw the other do not say, give me the first impression is that the pots of super friends!!! This is the first image that it left me! Well not guessing, he is Charm Blue Max?. In September 5, 2016, Meizu also held a concert, Oh No, is a mobile phone conference. Of course, the protagonist is the charm of blue Max. Charm Blue Max Meizu phone history as the largest mobile phone screen, still the main charm of Blue Youth good product Slogan. As the main business youth into the workplace mobile phone, let us take a look at today, which in the end what are worth the highlights. The appearance of something like a larger version of the charm blue E first Charm Blue Max packaging design was adopted to pull out of the drawer and pulled out easily; packing box inside the blue design, looks very elegant. After the opening, the entire mobile phone front in front of. After just to see the charm blue Max, it reminds me that last month released a charm blue E. I see is a charm blue Max and Charm Blue E like, or enlarged version is the charm blue E; 6 inch screen size, coupled with the positive 2.5D glass, may be used to make small screen people are not accustomed to, because before it is used because of the large screen mobile phone, so to me it is easy to use. Remove the mobile phone after the inside parts are still the same as before, respectively, charger, data line, three packs of cards, instructions and card. It is worth mentioning that the charger specifications Charm Blue Max standard reached 12V 2A, power up to 24W, and support mcharge fast charging technology, fast charge the industry better. The size of the measurements is 163.4 * 81.6 * 7.9 mm, intuitive point, just a 100 yuan RMB of similar size. Although the mobile phone screen with a 6 inches 1080P IPS display, but in one hand in hand is not adapt to the feeling. The back of the phone with a full metal matte design, to some extent, can prevent the phone from slipping off. The overall effect of the screen is still relatively delicate, has been on the black side of the screen on the control of the screen is very good, compared to some other manufacturers are indeed very good. After the release of the screen version of the sky gray, or pretty. Positive key still uses the self charm blue Note began using the 2 "MBACK" on the Home key, touch on a return, the return will press the desktop, the severity of other operations into one set key. And this time it’s still the same:相关的主题文章: