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152cm’s little man told you, as long as the right, height is not a thing! Fan sister found that every time I write to wear the kind of article, the background of the baby always leave a message to ask me these single product is not suitable for small. It seems like a lot of people to dress himself star Habib are not too confident. Actually not, go to the street, children will find a lot of around 160 but wear very bright girl, although they are not necessarily those clothes hold tall, but a faction is also very taste it. The short man also divides into many kinds of. Although some people are short, but if the head is better than the body (that is, the head is relatively small), will be visually high. Where the supermodel nine body advantage comes from? From the people’s head is small! For example, Zhao Liying and Yang Zi head head stand together (although two people are not short, but put together is illustrative, two) height obviously almost, Zhao Liying will look a lot of tall. Although some people still head than not good, but the lower part of the body particularly long, although these people usually upper body fat, as long as the upper body wearing thin will not feel dwarfs, such as super girl Chloe moretz. 158 cm Emma Roberts, her the long thigh was short of exception, so she can wear pants to self willed. But most of the time, she still love with law to highlight the advantages of her waist. And like Kate Bosworth this calf and long, looks absolutely can be significantly higher than 10 cm! Look at the photos below, many people think she is almost as high as the mold. But in fact, her official height is 165, in Europe and the United States star is really not high. Independent broadcast homemade "Huang Xiaochu’s spring, summer, autumn and winter"! Listen to Huang Lei tells the life story behind the delicacy, sharing different solar term health cheats, followed Huang Xiaochu to open a new ruminate trip, watch the video down here: Huang Lei exposes partial science PA test 55 had stunned dad these examples do wear a demonstration, babies must not love, so good congenital conditions, even short is the Hobbit in fighter. In addition to Elmar, other members in more than 160, what kind of person! So the fan sister discreetly chose only a height of 152 cm, single eyelids, a "normal", is not the mainstream view of "beautiful" girl. This wear, more referential significance. Her name is like, Taiwan girl, also has more than 20 thousand fans on INS. See her wear, the most direct feeling is comfortable. It is a good single product appearance of the highest rates of three kinds of pants baggy pants baggy pants and height are all. Wide leg pants with a T-shirt or shirt will make the little man look like a Japanese fan. Trouser crotch and trouser thigh is the most relaxed, and then slowly closing in trousers pants. Because the little girls usually hips are not large, so it is suitable for wear tapered pants. Of course, or the waist. Different stripes smoke tube pipe trousers and trouser pants is that the former is more slim, so also for hip big girls. The smoke tube trousers are suitable for almost any size. The original smoke tube pants appear in the office, but also the occasion of a small suit. Here the color collocation such as loose T-shirt and baseball jacket!相关的主题文章: