Wang Sicong led the Chengdu auto show car mysterious car’s car – Sohu-jcuv是什么车

Wang Sicong led the Chengdu auto show car mysterious car first look – Sohu Sohu 2016 Chengdu auto show car car [] two days ago, "Wang Sicong gave the red car Audi R8 network, but was a news network" abandon red fire, then the "national husband" I what car? From before the secret garage, Rolls-Royce, Rolls-Royce, Rolls-Royce phantom phantom Gusteau, Bentley, Porsche 918, Lamborghini is still mu LP700, Maybach S and so on, of course, today our topic is not Wang Sicong, but just the opening of the Chengdu auto show. Coincidentally, at the Chengdu auto show car, also have the extended edition of Wang Sicong car, today we take a look at the Chengdu auto show on the car. Rolls-Royce phantom extended edition price: 7 million 980 thousand yuan phantom can be described as moving out the luxurious palace, solemn, luxury enough to make all of it. The roof contour line is close to the rear of the car with a solid C column, and its depth increases. Along the bottom of the car from the back to the front of the clever rise of the arc, and the roof contour line slowly downward to complement each other. Other features include a combination of window and C column and thoughtful consideration, provide more privacy and " for rear seat passengers; shoulder width " side profile. Large wheels and tires to its silhouette creates a solemn feeling. The new vision of new paint, polishing and polishing part three wheels, and the height of all the tires are used the most perfect ratio of 2:1; secondly no matter how fast the car wheels, central cap will automatically Rolls-Royce the "RR" to keep the Peugeot vertical, let passers-by see this noble mark, from the details of its extraordinary exposure. The phantom uses a 6.75L V12 naturally aspirated engine, the advantage of naturally aspirated engines is smooth, which is also the pursuit of phantom. The engine maximum power of 338kW 5rpm, the maximum torque is 720Nm rpm, from the data, pay more attention to the engine at low speed performance, more suitable for city driving, which also makes the phantom from 0-100km h in just 5.9 seconds. Bentley Tim price: 398-480 million yuan Bentley Tim as a super luxury SUV, Tim the more details of the design are revealing Bentley’s commitment to the design of the top luxury models. In the new car retains the design part of the concept of EXP 9 F concept car at the same time, use the current Bentley family design, grille with chrome grille, headlights group using split design, using LED light visual effect is very fashionable, with a split type design makes the car look very stylish. In creating a sense of luxury, Tim also inherited the Bentley gene, in the cockpit to build all the use of handmade wood and leather materials. The front seats are made by craftsmen hand in the UK Crewe factory, the color contrast and quilting in the seat "shoulders" and the supporting pad decorated with thick diamond pattern, pay tribute to the British hunting custom design.  相关的主题文章: