The $256 million purchase of 16.6% shares of the firm-下北glory days

The $256 million purchase of 16.6% shares of the firm comprehensive foreign reports, the Volkswagen Group has said that with the United States commercial vehicle manufacturers Navistar Navistar companies have reached a cooperation agreement, shares a 16.6% stake. The Volkswagen Group plans to spend $256 million, higher than the firm September 2nd closing price of 12% shares, or $15.76 per share, acquired 16.6% stake in the latter. At the same time, the group also holds two seats in the board of directors of the firm will be in. The firm said that this cooperation will be in the next five years to bring cost savings of $200 million. This agreement also shows that, even if the "exhaust door" suffered a setback, the public still believe that the executives can realize the strategic expansion in the United states. Behind the bilateral cooperation, strict emission standards played a catalytic role. To develop a new generation of engines in line with more stringent emission standards, car companies need to bear the huge cost of expenditure, which further prompted the car companies to seek cooperation and technical cooperation between each other. May, Nissan acquired 34% stake in MITSUBISHI. In 2013, Aston · agreed to sell a 5% stake in Daimler, which provides a new generation of engines and electronic settings to meet the new emission standards for. Currently has the German Mann and Sweden’s Scania two commercial vehicle company Volkswagen commercial department is trying to build itself into a global manufacturer of trucks. At the same time, the firm is seeking partners, research and development to meet more stringent emission standards of the engine. The firm has due to its lack of a huge North American dealer network, so the manufacturer is an attractive partner for the public. The firm has a market value of $1 billion 150 million, since 2010 for the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) of the heavy truck engine failure after approval, to seek engine development partners. The firm has collaborated with public matters to discuss a number of years, but in the past year due to diesel exhaust mass cheating, digital executives leave, resulting in the suspension of a consultation between the two sides.相关的主题文章: