In the discovery of super large potash mine in Laos, is expected to become the largest overseas pota-音羽かなで

In the discovery of super large potash mine in Laos, is expected to become the largest overseas potash China base containing potash mine core data figure: original title: enterprise found large potash mine in Laos, is expected to become the 203 largest overseas study Chinese potash fertilizer base with its nuclear nuclear industry recently announced that after two and a half years investigation, comprehensive research and field exploration so, a major breakthrough in Laos project group of the Institute of prospecting in Vientiane 40 kilometers east Asia potash company in potassium chloride reserves amounted to 1.96 tons of large potash mine, built with China and Laos railway line, is expected to make the supply of Laos has become the largest overseas production base, Chinese K. The potash resources in Vientiane basin, Laos has great potential, is the first choice of Chinese enterprises for potash ore exploration in Southeast asia. The Asian potash company responsible person said, the company received a potash prospecting permit issued by the Department of Geology and mineral resources of the Vientiane area of Laos in 2014, its parent company, Asia potash investment group, the group has a strong Chinese background. The 203 Institute of nuclear industry was founded in 1974, located in Shaanxi province Xianyang Wei River, north of the Longhai railway, south along the Wei River and lake Xianyang. This is the nuclear group in the northwest region of the uranium resources exploration and evaluation center center, research center, Center for environmental assessment and radioactive resource detection center. Potassium chloride reserves of 1.96 tons of the preliminary control according to participate in the pre survey of the 203 Research Institute of nuclear industry for Hui Bu engineer, Laos project group in 2015 began to carry out the census survey area, completed in June 2016 the first mine survey field work in northern exploration, and achieved great results, potassium chloride reserves of 1.96 tons of primary control. Hui Bu dispute said that the implementation of 1:5 million total exploration area of 206 square kilometers of gravity measurement, the accuracy of the electromagnetic spectrum profile measuring 59.4 km, 12 (total drilling depth of 6300 meters), exposing the ore with an average thickness of 74.95 meters, more than the average grade of 17% samples of potassium chloride. The amount of resources census area according to our estimate of Laos and, combined with the block method of Ministry of land and resources reserves evaluation center assessment used, estimates the prospective reserves of up to 7.88 tons of power resources. According to the conversion of 40% coefficients, the base reserves of up to 3.15 tons. According to the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) released on its website in 2015 the world’s potash reserves table projections, this figure will be ranked in the forefront of the world. Compared with other Chinese company Lao potash or backdoor listing or joint reorganization, the Asian potash company in the capital has been low-key. In addition, mine location and convenient transportation, only 40 kilometers from the capital of Vientiane, Vientiane near the train station, Highway 13 runs through the mining area, more advantages in cost control. Is expected to break the predicament of domestic potash agriculture is the foundation of the national economy China, domestic grain production has increased for the ten consecutive year, according to the National Bureau of statistics released figures show that as of the end of 2015, China total grain output has reached 1 trillion and 242 billion 870 million kg, and in 2014 an increase of 2.4%. However, behind the increase in output, it is impossible to ignore the risk of decline in arable land fertility."相关的主题文章: