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Professor Chinese materials scientist Yang He died at the age of 55 years have helped four generation machine processing research field of our country famous obituary materials scientists, the Ministry of education Changjiang Scholar Professor, winner of National Outstanding Youth Science Foundation and Material Institute of Northwestern Polytechnical University professor Yang He, died of a heart attack, at 23:29 on September 27, 2016 died in Xi’an at the age of 55. At the age of. Professor Yang He was born in September 1962 in Shaanxi, Pucheng, 1983, 1986 from Nanjing University of Aeronautics & Astronautics were awarded the bachelor and master degree, graduated from Harbin Institute of Technology in 1990 and received a doctorate in 1992, Northwestern Polytechnical University postdoctoral, was appointed in 1994 promoted Professor, doctoral tutor, is one of the first national people plan leading talents and talents "project" the national candidate was selected, as the tenth China Plastic Engineering Association chairman, honorary chairman of the eleventh session of the international, forming the "Olympic" meeting ICTP’s executive director, deputy director and director of five national key laboratories and four Provincial Key Laboratory of the academic committee or members. Professor Yang He has been committed to the aerospace high performance lightweight components of precision plastic forming research, develop the precision plastic forming new discipline direction, created by active control and uneven deformation is difficult to realize the integration of the formation of complex material deformation theory and technology into components, greatly enriched the theory of plastic forming, overcome the key component of the four generation machine, large passenger, long march rocket missile, there is an urgent need for manufacturing problems, won the two prize of National Natural Science, National Technology Invention Prize two and 5 national science and Technology Award and 7 provincial science and Technology Award successively. Professor Yang He is the first Chinese scholar to be invited to give a keynote speech at ICTP, which has an important and extensive influence in the world. Professor Yang He has been committed to a high level talent in the field of materials processing culture, co culture of master and doctor of more than 200, including the national outstanding youth, people plan leading talent, the Central Organization Department, the national excellent young talents, green space China ten outstanding youth of new century, Ministry of education, science and technology innovation talents and the Ministry of science and technology leader talent and a number of high level talents, made outstanding contributions to the progress of China’s science and education materials and innovative talents training. Professor Yang He’s persistent pursuit of scientific truth, down-to-earth, diligent study, innovation, technology and climb the peak; his life diligently education tuition, by example, rigorous scholarship, as evidenced by the teacher, students all over the kyushu. Tianxingjian, Yang Zhi yi! Professor Yang He’s death is a great loss of Northwestern Polytechnical University, is a major loss in the field of plastic processing. Our condolences and pay tribute to Professor Yang he! Professor Yang He rest in peace! Contact: Tel: 18966751854 (029) 88495240 Fax: (029) 88492642 contact: Yang Shun Northwestern Polytechnical University Professor Yang He zhisang working group in September 28, 2016相关的主题文章: