Want to go crazy! The man was arrested as a net red live theft-申威1600

Want to go crazy! The man is "Red Net" live as man was caught stealing suction fans live theft in October 21st, the Chongqing morning news reporter learned from the Anhui police, the Huaibei Municipal Public Security Bureau Xiangshan recently uncovered the theft, the man suspected of stealing a whim to attract fans, live, has been detained by the police. According to the Huaibei police informed of the case, the early morning of September 22nd, Xiangshan District Li a store near Cai Shi Jie Yuan stolen, loss of more than 50 cigarettes, involving the value of 1 yuan. After receiving the report, the Xiangshan Branch of Interpol brigade area of responsibility of a team quickly organized forces to the scene timely inspection, and through the video monitoring system to track the suspect activity trajectory, successfully found the suspect stash of stolen goods and living places, to further clarify the identity of the suspect a su. However, Su has been carrying part of the stolen goods abscond. The police online pursuit, after Su was arrested by Shanghai police. According to the suspect sumou confession, its purpose is not to steal money directly to obtain money, but to"". Originally, sumou suspects engaged in the webcast, to attract customers to achieve the "fans" curious, and whim, live by theft process to win over the fans, to get profit from popularity. At present, the suspect sumou has been under criminal detention, the case is being further processed. Happy together! A woman always wanted to be on the headlines (Photos)相关的主题文章: