Man addicted to gambling loaded 9 loans to do app credit card mother wants to commit suicide in 11-cad2012序列号和密钥

Man addicted to gambling installed 9 APP lending office 11 credit cards for mother Dutch act original title: men with 9 APP do gambling borrowing 11 credit cards for mother Dutch act for credit card for gambling and monthly repayment date. Ms. Wang for map. Loan APP and monthly repayment date for gambling. Ms. Wang for map. The son is part of credit management for gambling card ms.. Late on the night of September 25th, a Xi’an mother cried to Chinese youth network call, said her 25 year old son addicted to online gambling, a few years lost at home for him to prepare the marriage room, wedding car, he was still on the mobile phone to download the 9 borrowing software, do the 11 credit cards in more and more big. The mother said, my son owed so much debt, as a mother, I can not hate his son out of the gambling quagmire, I do not want to live, I think a lot of suicide"…… The mother’s surname wang. He told reporters that his son Niu Bin (a pseudonym) five years ago, addicted to online gambling, and more and more addiction. "How he advised us not to gamble, the marriage room car we prepared for him he even lost in." Ms. Wang said, his son to participate in gambling gambling astonishing, "sometimes 10 minutes can throw 10 thousand yuan, sometimes one day can lose hundreds of thousands." In order to prevent the son of gambling, Ms. Wang had to find the police station, the police want to be able to "save his children, sometimes crying fainted at the police station, but not what effect. Online gambling lost money Niu Bin, because there is no repayment ability, can only turn to family. "Lost money can only come back to us, kneeling on the ground to draw their own, that will never gamble again." Ms. Wang said, because children are addicted to gambling, his father was a gas into cerebral infarction. September 26th, China Youth Network reporter telephone contact to Niu Bin, talked about the contents of the communication between his mother and China Youth network. Niu Bin on the other side of the phone was very calm and said she knew her mother had suicidal thoughts. The reason for this situation is because I do not obey." Niu Bin said that he has not been gambling for three or four months. He told reporters that he played online gambling, is a kind of digital game size on the page of the game, a total of 28 digits, 0 to 13 for small, from 14 to large. "I don’t know if that page is manipulated, but it must be a bet on the top." Later, in order to be fair, Yang Bin and other players to join a QQ group, apply the rules of the web gambling, betting in the group. "This way though fair, but because the dealer does not grasp the victory, many times are making money ran roll." Niu Bin admitted that he was gambling, on the phone to download the 9 loan software, do a 11 credit card. Niu Bin said: I started gambling only lost tens of thousands of dollars, but the family let me solve." Because he was cornered, a loan to a friend, then being noisy, had to rob Peter to pay Paul. "In the beginning because of gambling addiction, but after being noisy, just to repay gambling." Niu Bin said that he was addicted to gambling for 5 years, one after another Yan相关的主题文章: