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CCTV host Wang Xiaoqian: marriage is the secret of each other – Beijing with "for you" "exchange space" program was known to the audience and favorite CCTV host Wang Xiaoqian, recently held in Beijing prose essays "from the" single plank bridge the book launching ceremony, Zhu Xun appeared to help out a friend. Wang Xiaoqian in the book describes personally presided over the first show, naked marriage experience, late pregnant hard behind the scenes such as the little-known story. Recently, Wang Xiaoqian told the Shenyang evening news, Shenyang network reporter interviewed WeChat said that the book is the search for events and the mood at that time in memory, self reflection. Wang Xiaoqian from Beijing Broadcasting Institute (now Communication University of China) after graduation, to enter the work of CCTV, in the eyes of others, her experience is almost smooth sailing. But in the interview, she recalled that the record for you service was accused of not the ability to start, so she was hit. "I was always hard, like a wounded animal, you don’t know what kind of state is recognized, can only continue to try, with their own Sike, is such a process that a few months." Wang Xiaoqian also to the young people who have just entered the community to share their experience and experience: just ask the hard work, do not ask the harvest. If you only ask harvest when they should be cultivated, may be lost." Wang Xiaoqian and Beijing TV station, a well-known anchor in the hands of the university campus, graduated from the nude marriage has been so far, is the circle of a model husband and wife in the world. Impatient Wang Xiaoqian Xiaoyan daughter let her personality changed dramatically, "it is easy for me to worry, especially some people do not work well, and to shirk responsibility then I will be anxious. Now I would like to, if it is my child how do I do? My mood and attitude will leave room for each other, the child is my impatient softener." With Tan Jianghai and her husband married for many years of love, was asked about the secret of business marriage, Wang Xiaoqian said, "please don’t ever let you lazy, he every day to know a new you. Love is not one-sided, my husband is doing well in this regard." Shenyang evening news, Shenyang network reporter Zhang Ning相关的主题文章: